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My acne is fairly managed now (well compared to when I was 16 I guess) I'm 25 and I still get breakouts that leave me really insecure about my skin. I'm debating on trying accutane but should it only be used for severe acne? I'm hoping I can use it to treat my existing acne without my skin breaking out too much more than it currently does.

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accutane didn't work for me. well it did only for the duration i was on it. but in less than a year (maybe 7 months) i would break out all over again and it got even worse. for some people it works though. so you could try it and you might get good results. be warned though, there are possible serious side effects and this drug is no joke. it is a risk. (it is serious enough that doctors will have you sign a consent form acknowledging you know the possible consequences and you can't sue him/her later if you have problems). if you take it, try not to take over 40mg. 40mg is about the average dosage for a normal body type. if you feel depression, stop taking the med (your doctor should tell you this anyways). you can probably finish the round but don't go for another one. don't try to tough it out. believe me, it's not worth it. for me, i felt really depressed during the end of my 2nd round treatment. oh yes, and it should only be used for severe acne but doctors prescribe it for moderate acne anyways. after all other acne medications are exhausted doctors will likely let you go on accutane.

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Yes, I think you should try it. I had cystic acne off and on for years. I was constantly battling my bad skin. I tired accutane over ten years ago and I never break out anymore. It does have tough side affects. It really dries you out, even inside my nose was dry, my mouth, hair (although that was a welcome side affect). You need to take it consistently though, if you stop for a while your acne may come back so stick with the regimen and you won't regret it.

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