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I am honestly just tired of fighting with acne. I am WILLING to spend practically anything on my clear skin (I hear that willingness thing a lot). But at a certain point, it stops becoming what you are WILLING to pay, and what you are CAPABLE of paying.

At the moment my life path could quite literally be hinging on my SKIN, as unfortunate as that sounds.

I'm currently starting up a music career, and although it's sad to say, the reality is that when it comes down to it - unattractiveness is not marketable. And it really hurts you.

Not only is it not marketable. Its a self confidence killer. When my skin is poor I feel like walking acne with a face attached. =/ I just want to hide in my room. How can I be expected to produce music or jump around on a stage?

I am going to push for my music dreams no matter what my skin does - I mean it's my life, but the level of success I will be able to achieve and the time it will take to do that really could rely upon my skin.

Now, I'm lucky to have parents who are supportive of both my music AND my skin, but lately we have just been flat broke. You know; 2$ account balances after all the bills get taken out. It's a blessing that my parents were even willing and able to spend what they did on my first round of the regimen, but I'm honestly scared what's going to happen when I run out. Between classes that I'm taking to make up credits, sleep, and my music, I don't have time to get a job at the moment (not to mention nobody I could get to is hiring and if they were I'd be low on the list of potential applicants.)

This used to just seem like a cosmetic issue but it's quickly becoming more and more one of life and of expenses.

Is there anybody in a similar financial situation? HOW DO YOU AFFORD THE REGIMEN.

SERIOUSLY, any help would be much appreciated. I don't doubt that we COULD get by paying what we do now, but it would just be THAT much more difficult and that much more stressful.

I'm just really not sure what to do.

Maybe Dan will wanna invest in my music =D jk

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Yeah i know what you mean, but i am trying to be more positive and not let it get in my way too much so that i can live more normally. Hopefully this will give me more oppertuities and when the acne goes i can be a complete package.

Maybe you should look at other musicians though-the sex pistols for example?or maybe even in you're music you could express yourself. at the end of the day it should only be you're sound that counts and not being a pretty, stuck up celebrity.

For money just keep on trying and maybe even busking!I know this takes a lot of guts but it will boost you're skill and get you're music out there.

good luck

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Haha yeah that's how i feel. But its safe to say that marketability is important not just for making a name for yourself but for how you are able to market. Photo-shoots and charismatic album covers and what not go a long way, especially like somebody for me who has a passion for crossing bridges between creative mediums. (I love photos and videos for my music, its an integral part.)

I hate saying it but I BELIEVE I am good looking person (lol) But when I am breaking out, I do not believe that.

But Other than that. I'm on day 15 of the regimen and it's totally kicking ass. I'm leaving the purging period and my skin hasn't been this clear in a long time.

If I were to ever get famous confidence would be a HUGE part and I would credit a lot of it to clear skin, and therefor Daniel Kern.

over the past few weeks it's sort of become a secondary goal of mine to use my hopeful future fame to inform young people about this site and help give them the confidence i know that we struggle with. I mean how many musicians do you know that list the operator of an acne website when they are thanking people for their awards. HAHA, but i truly think i would if it ever came to that.

Daniel Kern, your level of commitment to our quality of life is surprising to say the least, and sometimes downright uplifting

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