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So I know not much can be done about it beside wait it out (which seems impossible) but it's nice to be able to get out. But aannnnyyyyway heres what I gotta say, I don't get acne at all! I'm 18 years old and in the past 7 or so months my acne has been the worst it ever has been and it's completly destroyed my self esteem and everything, it's ruined my social life too, I don't even go out anymore because I'm to self conscience about my face :/, I have tried literakly everything! I have been eating amazingly healthy for about 4 months and drinking omly water and I'm also on antibiotics for about 2 months now and there's absolutely NO Improvment and it is horribly unbearable :( anyone have anything to help?? It would be so greatly appreciated!

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Hm pictures?

Well sometimes ( and this relates to me mostly because I always picture things worst than they are ) it may not be as bad.. but usually it is. The reason I say this is because accutane is usually the "last resort" and I normally thing my face is bad but its not accutane severe. Haha get it? I know its weird but if its that bad I would ask around and see if its right for you.

Moving on....

It could be hormonal. I mean I know my friends didn't... grow but I did and I broke out before them. It sucked but Im not flat so ha! Anyway its nice to know that your diet is good. I tried drinking eight cups of water but alas I have the bladder of a kitten. Hm what antibiotics are you on? Im taking doxy currently and I have mild acne. If your acne looks anything like mine ( just see my gallery ) then you might consider it. It lowered the number of cysts and shrunk their size.

Since Im no expert its hard to give any real advice but you have seen a dermatologist correct. Haha just checking because if not then you really should do so. I wish I could be of more help. Sorry.

Good luck though


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