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Options for people on a budget?

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I have scaring ranging from mild to severe, and as im low on money, what are my options for cheap alternatives? I can't afford lasers and all that other stuff ranging from $1000's and upward. I've read that dermarolling is cheap (at around 20-$30?), but I'm not sure it may or may not work. Are there any cheap alternatives for us people who are money-consious?

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I think the cheapest method of all that actually works to "some" degree is needling, but you risk making the scar wider as it gets shallower. Needling relaxes the scars tissue, because you are weakening it when you poke it a million times, it then expands in this injured state because of constant tension pulling at it as it tries to heal itself, therefore widening, and making it "look" shallower. You can never get rid of the actual scar this way, it only hides it better. So, if that is something you are willing to live with, just go read up on needling, get some diabetic needles (less than 10 bucks?) and poke away. It is prob the cheapest method you can find and one of the least risky, and is more precise than rollers which is the same concept. I would also recommend just needling just one to see how you like it instead of needling the entire face at once. Good luck.

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