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Combining two different moisturizers

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I've been on the regimen for a little bit over 3 weeks now. I don't experience hardly any flaking, except around the eyebrows.

However, my main problem has always been Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). In fact, that's how I found myself in this mess to begin with, but that's a long story.

Basically, I want to use Olay Complete with SPF 15 in the daytime, because you're supposed to wear some SPF to reduce PIH. Additionally, at night I want to use Dan's AHA because apparently it can help smooth out your complexion and reduce remarks.

Does anyone think this is a bad idea? Too soon to use AHA? Bad combination that is going to break me out (I'd probably punch a baby)?

Oh yeah, when you use AHA, you're still supposed to apply BP right? That's not entirely clear.

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I started using aha as soon as i started using the regime but

i only did that becauase prior to the regime, I was using benzac bp 10%. It has been 3 weeks since I have started to use AHA everyday. U should be fine using aha unless you are not on thre full dose of bp or if you still experience irritation using bp.


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I went ahead and did my evening regimen with the AHA+.. Stinging a little bit in a few places, but nothing too extreme. We'll see tomorrow how moisturizing it is, or if my skin is irritated at all, or if I wake up to cystic acne covering my entire face.

I think the real question is how I'm going to react to this Olay moisturizer. Seems like alot of people are saying that it caused extreme redness and irritation, and other people love it.

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No worries and good luck with it. If it isn't too extreme than you should be fine. I did definitely experience burning for the 1st week but now its like using the normal moisturiser but only with a really mild burning. I don't go in the sun much at all so I don't use spf at all during the day. I just use Dan's new moisturiser during the day and the aha at night.

Just apply the bp at night and wait 10-15 until dry then add the aha. Good luck

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Well the Olay moisturizer made my face very red, so I went ahead and took it off with the cleanser and am going to do the regimen a couple hours early. I won't use the AHA+ this time though because I think my skin might be a little bit irritated.

Well, that's kind of frustrating. I don't understand how I'm ever going to get rid of these PIH marks. I mean I've managed to get acne-free skin under a couple different ways, but the marks never seem to fade. Maybe the AHA+ will help in the long run. I'm also considering getting a peel done, which seems a little bit fruity, but I'm fine with it at this point.

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