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"sugar zits" anyone get these?

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I cut candy/cake/sweets out of my diet for a few months to see if it effected my oily skin. When I started eating them again I started to also get small papules on my temps and on my cheek about an inch below my temples even with my earlobe. When I cut sugary items out again they cleared up in about a week or so. I have tried this a few times. A few cupcakes or slice of cake will result in the papules in a 3 or 4 days.

Anyone else have a reaction in this same area?

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Hey Whale!

I'm sure many others get this problem like you do, where diet can affect their skin and acne. However for my case it doesn't really matter, but everyone is different.

If it breaks you out, then I suggest you stay away from sweets for a while, and hopefully you can maintain your clearness ; )

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Well, I certainly do feel so much more energized and happy when I cut out all those sweets from my diet.

I have better health overall, but no. That never happens to me. I wish it did... That way my face would clear up after cutting out a certain food.

I'm glad it works for you.

A couple of my friends say they experience something like you did with the clear skin no sweets correlation.

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For those of us who are acne prone, diet will ALWAYS have an impact on the condition.

Yes, if I eat processed sugar, I get spots within a day or so. The same goes for any grain, dairy or soy based product.

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