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Tetralysal 300 Lymecycline

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Im currently taking these one a day for about 8 weeks now and it hasnt really done much. I have acne on my back chest and face. Ive had acne since 15 and now 23. Its mild on face but its a hassle and really bothers me. On chest and back it has recently gotten worse. I get the sore medium size spots that always turn yellow. They kinda start out blistery. Ive taken minoclycine which work ok but i wanted a change so ive been taking tetralysal. I have been using exposed skincare for the past 9 months whick kinda keeps breakouts at bay. But i always have at least 5 or 6 annoying spots on my face. I have plenty of marks. They seem to last years its ridiculous.

So has anyone taking them tablets and how long has it taken for them to work?

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Hi there,

I have been on Tetralysal for a while and to be honest I felt my skin dry within 3 days' time and also my hair didn't get greasy like it used to. Strange thing was that even though it dried out my skin all over my body, I still had break outs like you describe... Definitely didn't do much for my pimples in the 1st month, which is why I quit taking it (along with the fact that I got serious side-effects like increased brain pressure from it)

I have heard that Tetralysal doesn't work for everyone even though it is a heavy medicine... My dermatologist told me that if I didn't see results in 3 months time max. that we should try something else...

I have just been using topicals after quitting Tetralysal and I must say the progress is far better than with the antibiotics... I have started applying undiluted apple cider vinegar with a cotton bud stick to the very big red pimples and cysts, and that has truly helped me more than any antibiotic I have used so far... I also use Benzoyl Peroxide and Adalpalene gel morning and evening...

Hope this helps a bit... I would definitely see your doc if you feel it isn't helping you because Tetralysal can be heavy for the body to take and there's no use putting yourself through that if it isn't paying off!

good luck though!!


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Hi - I'm on week 13 Tetralysal and have not really seen any effects from it. To be honest I am pinning my hopes on the topicals I am using with the vague hope that the Tetralysal might kick in at some point. Not very likely though - at 13 weeks!

I think that retinoids and a BHA are the way to go - you need to be sorting out your skin's surface. Antibiotics will hold the acne off (if they work) but unless your skin is clog free etc you will probably go back to square one when you come off them.

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