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One year of Differin (.3%) and Clyndamycin Phosphate Gel (.1%)

I actually documented my acne log for the past year

I started out twice a week photos and then sometimes only once a month.

I have over 35 sets of photos over the past year. I'd like to make a cool animation/video of the whole progress one day hehe.

This first picture is after having mild, then moderate, then severe acne for about 2 years.

First image:



I started using Jojoba oil and Benzol Peroxide for my acne, but it didn't help me enough...

I tried almost everything including Proactive, Neutrogena, Dan's Regimen, Retina-A, Antibiotics, etc.

Second image:



Then I tried Differin. First day was a disaster.

I put too much on and I put it on places that were too sensitive (around the nose, around the mouth, places without acne). Took me a week to recover from it, but I saw improvements within 2 weeks.

Third image:



Then I started using both Differin (.3%) and Clyndamycin Phosphate Gel (.1%)

Never use Differin during the day, it will be too much for the sun. Only use during the night.

Always apply sensitive skin light sun block during the day to moisturize,

nothing at night.

I also used tweezers to pop the white-heads of the pimples to prevent scarring.

I never apply Differin to open wound acne, only Clyndamycin to those areas,

and I only pop pimples at night so they can recover (always remember to keep blotting out

the acne pus until dry, then apply the Clyndamycin)

Fourth image:



I continued this routine, but then realized that Olay Sensitive skin foaming soap and Olay sensitive skin classic formula 15 SPF Moisturizer were the best combination for my skin and I didn't wash more than twice a day, and I used Gatsby clear oil-blotting paper for excess oil throughout the day.

Fifth image:



Finally, after I kept a lot of my acne down with this regimen, I had to make sure I could maintain it. I do the same thing and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep, good diet, regular exercise, skin care, sun-screen when outdoors, oil-blotting etc.

Sixth image:



If any of you have specific questions about more details about my regime, I'd be happy to help. Just ask and I'll fill in. A few months ago I helped my youngest sister out with her acne as well and this sensitive-skin regime seemed to worked very well for her :)

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Wow awesome results! I've been using differin for about 1 month now and haven't seen much of a difference. My skin just seems to clear then break out and that's the only thing that's consistent. But that's awesome you seemed to control all your acne with just clindamycin and differin.

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HOLY COW! You have had spectacular results. People give up on things way too quickly. You're living proof that if you just stick with it like you're supposed to, that things really do work. :)

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Thanks so much for this post! I'm just starting retinoids, and you see so many negative posts about them... this made me so happy to read. Congratulations on your beautiful skin!

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Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. I still remember the day I started Differin and how stressed out and depressed I was. I really wanted to see results fast but I had done my research on Differin and I knew this was sort of "long-term" solution. Hopefully I can continue to maintain this with good skin care :)

btw, another board member message'd me this question and I thought I'd share:

Wow, great improvement from your posting! I was wondering a bit about your experience with Differin. I tried the 0.3% back in the day, and it made my skin the worst it's ever been. I feel now that I had maybe been using too much. You said you overdid it at first? What was your experience when first using Differin?


Yes the first week it was horrible because I put too much on areas that were too sensitive, For example,

around the crevices of my nose

around my mouth

and other places on my face that normally did not get acne

The differin was too much for those areas and I literally had skin peeling and all these "rug-burn" like marks on my face.

Not only that, differin brings out all you acne/bacteria to surface the first 1-2 weeks. I knew this would happen though because I had researched it before and so I wasn't surprised but it was just kind of hideous at first.

However, I saw improvements within 2 weeks because after the acne had surfaced (worst acne ever), I started to see less acne and only a few big cystic ones, which also took time to get rid of.

Only use differin on parts of your face that HAVE acne,

avoid around the nose crevices, mouth area, jaw area, neck, etc.

Only apply at night, never in the day because the sun will irritate it.

Use Clyndamycin Phosphote (.1%) during the day and on open acne wounds, it will help kill the bacteria and heal the skin.

Hope this helps,


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So I have had annoying skin for years, heaps of blackheads, whiteheads, lumps, bumps and all kinds of pimples. I have spent 100's of dollars on pimple treatments, washes etc then my doc gave me epiduo, it is working so well after a week, my face is a lot clearer. I am having issues with burning, redness and peeling, anyone know how I might fix this?

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congrats dude on your success. what a world of difference in a little over 1 year. im sure it was a long journey as these pictures show the benchmarks. i just started differin. glad to see it worked for you. i am hoping for the same.

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hi x serendipity

Some nights I do used differin AND clyndamycin,

but I don't use Differin every day because it's very strong.

I always apply clyndamycin on the "open wound" acnes and the areas that are too sensitive for differin.

Then after about 5 minutes (to let it soak in ),

I use some differin on some areas.

I almost NEVER put differin on during the day unless it's a huge cystic one,

while I put clyndamycin on a lot throughout the day

Hi Sharnibear,

For the redness and peeling, I'd be very careful the sun in general,

and I always use a 15 SPF olay lotion when I go outside (and yes I still tan),

because after you wash your face with face-wash etc it makes the skin very dry and tight and prone to peeling and burning.

Hi EaglesJo,

Thank you :) Yes just be patient and consistent and you'll finally see results and realize how fast time went !

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hey great thread

do u know if its ok to pair clindamycin + retin-a at night? reason i ask is the clin gel makes my face shiny so i prefer not to use it in the morning

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hi slapchop,

i never really tried retin-a,

when I did experiment with it, I thought it felt to greasy at night and did not like it.

I personally like differin more.

I use Clyndamycin all the time (2-3 times a day)

because at first it is shiny,

however, it soaks into your skin in 4-5 minutes and then it's not shiny anymore.

The shininess is most likely from having oily skin which could be due to the soap you may be using (it might be over-drying out your skin and your skin over-compensates) or in general, like me, I have oily skin.

I've used clyndamycin a lot and it only makes my face shiny for a few minutes. It always soaks in.

The moisturizers I use have been more of a hassle to my oily skin IMO.

Hi Stardom,

I am now almost 21 in a week,

though I started getting acne at the age of 18, and it got worse when I was 19 and starting cooling down when I was 20 (using differin)

I never had acne until I was 18, I had very dry, clean skin.

However, I started puberty quite late and did not have my growth spurt until 17-18

I think my experience and advice with acne can be most helpful to

other Asian American males cause I believe the skin type is different per race, etc. For example, I am lactose intolerant and I get asian glow when I drink. I think I have typical Asian male skin with acne, therefore, I've noticed that using a very sensitive face wash is crucial.

Hope this helps,


Edited by KoreanAmerican19

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Hey Daniel. Congrats on such improvement bro. The results you got from topical for your condition I didn't think was ever possible. Very impressive results. You didn't take any antibiotics right? Amazing! I'm glad you took care of your acne in a quick manner. Acne teaches you to be extremely humble when it comes to judging someone superficially. I agree and wish you the best of luck. Lookin good bro (no homo) haha

And much much respect for posting up your photos. You are a brave young man. I could not handle seeing a picture of myself when i had acne. (bows down)

Edited by Roller

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I must say congratulations on finding something that worked for you. I tried Differn and stopped halfway ( I don't remember why) also tried Retin-A and most recently Tazorac (for about 1.5 years). Unfortunately I didn't see the results I wanted to see and now im stuck with active acne and PIH. I too am of Asian decent and I think I know the answer to this question but ill ask just to confirm. Every time you had a pimple did it leave a hyperpigmated mark? And all you have been using is Differin to get rid of it?

Thanks man. Again congrats on your skin

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Hey Daniel,

Congrats on the great results! I'm also using differin 0.3 but with duac and have also cleared up my skin significantly. I'm only 1/2 chinese but I'm experiencing the hyperpigmentation associated with having asian skin :( Differin doesn't seem to be getting rid of my marks for me, do you have any suggestions?


Edited by kuropanda

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HI! your log is SOOOO inspiring! Thank you so much for posting it!

I just got prescribed Differin yesterday, hence I started a new regimen. I am starting with every other day applications at night-time. And then I will progress to every night if I feel my skin is acclimated enough to handle it.

I wasn't prescribed clindamycin though. My acne is centrally located on my chin! I get the occasional pimple elsewhere, but I don't really worry about em'! For some reason the ones on my chin are relentless! What is the clindamycin used for?

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In case this helps anyone. 

I've been following this regimen for the past 7 years (almost 26 now) and my adult acne is finally under "control."

It's not gone completely but I'm able to keep it in control 


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I just started this dalacin T and differin regimen since sept 17, but my skin is still suffering the initial breakout with big cystic acne on my t zone and I don't know if it's because the differin I'm using is not strong enough. (I'm using differin 0.1)
should I go back to my doctor to seek his advise or wait since you mentioned we need a few weeks to see the results.  I'm also gonna have my period soon so all those big acne on my Chin are probably hormonal. 
Im taking minocycline too. 
Anybody having the same thing as me?

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