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im kinda new here and just needed to share my thoughts with ppl who r going through the same thing i am. ok so im 22 and just started going back to school this semester. had a really good, but challenging semester, but ya know what? NOOOOOO acne! a few small ones here and there but nothing noticeable. and then i come home from college and WHAM! acne starts freakin poppin up everywhere! its so miserable and i HATE looking in the mirror and seeing those angry red spots:'( and the best part? i dont know what went wrong! i thought it might have been a cheap powder i was using for my makeup so i stopped using that, but im getting stuff on my back to! i have been using Atralin gel at night and cleansing with Dove soap since August or Sep and my face had been wonderfully clear until now....now im just a red spotted mess :( im thinking its back to the derma again but they prolly have run out of things to give me haha :(

any ideas on what to do? thnx

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Hi Rachael, welcome to the Org! :D

I imagine that it's pretty stressful if you've previously had clear skin or it's been manageable, then suddenly it goes crazy and you don't know why. I would have assumed that the sudden difference could be due to a change in or your regimen, the products you use, or to your diet. Could be a trial and error thing in that respect.

It might not be a bad idea to see your dermatologist, see if there's anything they can do for you to bring it under control.

The best approach you can take is not to panic. Easier said than done of course, but sometimes it's tempting to try loads of different things in quick succession in order to get the skin back to how it was before. That can do more harm than good because they don't have time to work, so it's better to be patient and look after your skin in the meantime.

As for the mirrors and stuff. If that's bringing you down, just try and avoid them. Also easier said than done, but I know what it's like to focus on it so much. The stress we bring upon ourselves just makes things worse. And to be honest, I don't think people pay anywhere near the amount of attention to our skin as we do. Granted, they would notice the sudden change, of course they would. But if rise above and act as though your skin isn't an issue for you, it doesn't appear as an issue to anyone else either.


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