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Oxy 10 vs Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel (Both BP)

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I have been using Oxy 10 as I read Benzoyl Peroxide is really good, and it works a bit I think? (only been 3 weeks)

I have read some great things about Mary Kay Acne gel and wondered if it is even better than Oxy? I know they both contain BP but dont know how much?

Has anyone got any experiences using either - or both?!

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Always be careful with benzoyl peroxide..sometimes i use it and my face gets too dry to the point of pain): i had to start using home remedies on my face thats the book i get all my tips for clearing acne up. it cleared my whole face in 2 days haha i love it <3 also! exposed is a really good product i love it but ALWAYS use a moisturizer. not at night but deff during the day :)

hope this helped!

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Thanks for your advice. I am trying to cut down on the amount of BP Im using as Oxy 10 is 10% BP and it does tend to be very drying. Having said that its not as bas now as when I first started using it, I think my skin has adapted to it a little bit.

I have found that using Freederm alongside BP is quite effective, just annoying that nothing seems to be stopping spots coming! - all these creams seem to do is help them fade quicker. Oh well!

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