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Duration of Accutane Treatment

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Hi All

After visiting my dermatologist for the first time the other day she told me she wants to put me on Roaccutane (i'm from Australia - this is what we call it!). Although my skin is clearing since going back on the pill (i only have one active pimple at the moment), my scaring is quite bad from my breakouts the last few months and she wants to make sure my acne doesn't come back and scar more when i go off the pill again in 12-18mths time to try and have babies.

However she's told me I need to be on roaccutane for 9 months!! I thought most treatments are for 4 months?? I asked her this and she shook her head and said no. Now, i'm hoping she's just being cautious and saying this so i can be prepared for 'worst case scenario'..i really dont want to spend Summer time on this drug and i was hoping if it was 4 months i could just hibernate for the Winter!

Any thoughts on why she's saying 9 mths?

It looks like most people on it stay on it for generally 4-5months??

I only had my blood test today so not sure on my dosage yet. But she mentioned it will be low.



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Hi Briohny,

How much do you weigh in kg?

It sounds like your Derm is aiming for the ideal total dose of 150 mg/kg that minimises (but not necessarily eliminates) the chance of your acne relapsing after Accutane.

If you use a low daily dose (e.g. 10mg/day) then it will take longer to reach the ideal total dose of 150 mg/kg than if you take a higher daily dose (e.g. 40 mg/day).

Good luck

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The ideal cumulative dose is 120-150 mg/kg but let's say 135 mg/kg, which for you is 8505 mg.

So you have to take about 8500 mg of Accutane in total to minimise chance of relapse.

Your Derm wants you to stay on Accutane for 9 months, which is 270 days.

8500 mg divided by 270 = 31.5 mg/day.

So your Derm will probably put you on an average of 30 mg/day for the 9 month period.

You might start off on a lower dose though to get your body used to the drug.

If you use a higher daily dose (e.g. 50 mg/day) then you won't have to be on Accutane for so long, but there will be more side effects.




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