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Differin friendly warning to anyone - flushing

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I used differin about a year ago, it started giving me minimal flushing/blushing and facial redness very rarely, i thought nothing of it.

After 12 weeks on differin, which did not clear up my acne, i was prescribed accutane. I finished a 5 month course on accutane, and was then prescribed back to differin cream to keep things under control. Ive now stopped differin cream months ago due to out of control flushing, which still persists now.

I cant exercise, i cant drink alcohol, i cant go to nightclubs, i cant take hot showers, i cant talk to strangers, i cant get embarrased or nervous - without my face flushing and turning bright red. Im not talking just for 10 seconds, this can last for up to an hour.

I know this is because of Differin cream, and also probably my accutane course, but this started with differin cream, and got worse when i started using it again after my accutane course.

I want to give a warning to anyone who starts experiencing any kind of flushing/blushing to GET OFF the medication straight away. Dont hesitate.

Acne in a high majority of cases IS cureable it might just take time. While facial flushing in a high majority of cases is a lot harder to cure and can also leave permanent redness or lead to rosacea.

Now im not saying this is going to happen to everyone who uses differin cream, but if you are experiencing even light flushing - STOP USING THESE ACNE MEDS. Its just not worth the risk.

Dont think it wont happen to you, im a 22 year old male - 21 at the time, i didnt have pale skin, and besides moderate acne at the time i was completely healthy in every way.

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