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Cystic Acne Breakout Advice Needed

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Hi all, I'm new here and just thought I'd share my story and to see if anyone has an advice......

I've always been prone to acne, but I've never had it that severe until now. It started to get worse around this February time, when there was a particularly stressful event going on. The spots weren't really cyctic then, and they never used to last more than a few days (oh I wish could turn back the clock!). Now I have slowly started to get massive cysts in one particular area on the right of my chin. At the moment I have three with a couple more subsiding. They are now the worst they've ever been and I'm in pain with them.

I was taking oxytetracycline for 18 months prior to March this year, as slowly it became less and less effective. Then in March I switched to Erythromycin, which did me no benefit at all. I have just switched to Minocycline two days ago and my GP has referred me to see a Dermatologist. This referral will take 6 weeks so I am literally desperate to try anything in the mean time, I even think I will go private to get seen quicker.

In April I was officially diagnosed with PCOS (I'm 27 and have always suspected I was bordeline) so now I've just finished two cycles of Dianette. I've noticed my skin has been less oily since on the Dianette but it's early days and I will keep on it over the coming months.

Since March this year, when the spots started to get more frequent (and my skin noticeabley very greasy) I started using a salicylic acid face wash (St Ives). I believe it was this, with the exfoliator beads, that turned my acne cystic. I didn't know to be gentle then and was harshly scrubbing the area with it. Then I started to put tea tree oil on, which also caused irritation. My skin turned red and very dry and I believe making it more prone to the cysts. My skin is very sensitive anyway and I should have known better.

I was so frustrated that I turned to N Lite Laser. I had my first proper treatment on 6th May (with glycolic peel before). The person doing the treatment also used a blackhead extractor and was pressing on very hard on certain areas to try and remove them. About a week after the first session, I noticed two huge cysts pop up. They were awful, red and painful and are still there in the background. I then had my second N lite last Tuesday. Since then Three more cysts have appeared and the first two seem to be more active again. At the moment the whole of that area feels warm and itchy and painful.

Over the last two days I've dosed up on ibuprofen and have been using ice packs, but they haven't helped a great deal.

I wonder can N lite cause a cystic flare up? I know it's supposed to work by triggering inflammation, which is ironic really as now I need to really reduce it. I really regret having it at right now :-(

Are cortisone injections what I need in the active cysts?

If I go to see a dermatologist privately will they be able to do cortisone injections there and then? I think I need them ASAP. How do I know they will offer this service as it's kind of a lottery chosing between them all?

Is there any problem having cortisone injections this close to having N lite? Should I tell the dermatologist I've had N lite (it was from a clinic not a doctor)?

I would appreciate any advice on what I should do next.......

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Forgot to ask.....

Because it's a bank holiday and the doctors are closed until Tuesday would trying something like ibuprofen gel or hydrocortisone cream help?

Steroids can cause skin thinning, and if I do end up having the injections would the cream compound this effect?

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