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Hi I´m new at the forum & just wanted to share with you the treatments that worked for me, I had acne since I was around 12 but around 14 got really bad, i tried everything until a dermatologists put me on accutane which finally stop acne but i was left with several ice picked scars and the same story i tried peeling, a couple of erbium lasers, IPL, creams but none of it worked until i finally consulted a plastic surgeon and i han subsicion on my scars and injected some fat on them, after that i saw a 20% of improvement and then i got dermabrasion wich was a hell cause at that time i got flu so you´ll guess how bad it was, after i took out my bandages i was blown away i never imagine my skin could have looked so good, however not all my scars were gone, after that i got a couple of C02 pixel laser , that was about 6 months ago, and now my skin looks great to me i still got small scars which are almost no visible, i have to say thah i had a 80 or 90% of improvement, so the point is lettiing you know that probably one treatmente will not dissapear the scars but 2 or more can do it, oh also i had hypertrophic scars which were injected by cortisone and also i used a gel called dermatix i hope this will help someone, wish i had gone to the plastic surgeon before because lived all this for 13 years. Sorry 4 my english if it´s not so good.

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Guest Timehealsall

hey o.p., did you have any enlarged pores or scarred pores that u were able to fix?

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