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I've been reading the testimonials and the description of the product it seems pretty impressive. But then again I was also easily convinced by the Proactiv ads and started depending on that line. I just don't want to use something that my skin becomes dependent on.

This product has some snail serum which apparently helps with scars. My main issue is indented scars i want them to look more even and this cream helps - plus it's all natural.

What are your thoughts guys? Am i sucker for falling for this or should I give it a shot?

Right now i'm just using retin a at night and taking birth control pills - and am acne free

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I was thinking today... BIODERMA, BIOSCREEN, BIOTHERM... these all are brand names. You think add BIO infront and you have a miracle product on the exit? Unlikely. This BIOSKINCARE line looks suspicious, no creme can fix scars, at least Ive never heard of it, and you see I know three other BIO brands (in fact im using Bioderma cleaner and moisturizer http://www.bioderma.com/en/nc/the-products...ategory/55.html , its sold at the drug store so all`s safe)

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^ i concur. looks suspicious.

why i believe topicals dont work for pitted scars -- they don't absorb into the skin deep enough to help the damaged scar tissue. they might help the appearance look better, as far as color, but no cream can fix the missing collagen that is missing.

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Yah I came across bioskincare before .. It might help with red spots/marks but I dont think it'll fix pitted indented scars. Even retin-a can't fix indents.

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Do not buy any products from Bioskincare/Biocutis! I used to use a facial product from Bioskincare containing the "snail serum"; all of a sudden the smell of the product changed in the last shipment they sent, and it began giving me itchy skin all over my face. Worst of all, the company refused to refund me or let me do an exchange, even for an unused, unopened jar. I had been a customer for about three years, spending hundreds, possibly even thousands, and never asked for a refund for anything before. This company has horrible customer service, products cause allergic reactions, and worst of all they will not give you your money back if something is wrong with it (please note: this stuff is not cheap, either: what I was using, Bioskinforte, cost about $70/jar).

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i bought 3 jars of bioskincare for my indented scars(keloid and hypertrophics) and flats. The product did nothing at all. Except for the redness, applying twice a day for like a month or so... parts of the scars the flat ones turned a bit pale and white. While the keloids and hypertrophic had a very little change in appearance, the redness faded a bit.

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