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I've been using the regimen steadily for slightly less than a month (had been using it on and off for a while before that, but with a 10% BP cream, and I'd been rinsing it off in the morning, only leaving it on at night) and am *almost* clear. No more large, painful cystic acne seems to be developing (*CROSSES HIS FINGERS*), although scars from previous ones are still visible and seem to be taking forever to go away. Oh well, I feel much more confident now when I go out, I don't cringe when I look in a mirror. It's a good feeling. If you're interested, here's the products I use: Dan's BP Gel, Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask (3.5% BP), Purpose Bar Soap, Purpose Dual Treatment SPF-15 Moisturizing Lotion. All products recommended by Dan with the exception of the Neutrogena stuff, which I've been using in the shower before I go to bed. I might try a different moisturizer, not that this one is bad, but I think there's room for improvement. Operation: BlackHead Destruction is about to commence, I'll update this next month! =D

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Operation: Blackhead Destruction has been a dismal failure. I attribute this failure to the fact that I, uh... sorta forgot about said operation and, err, instead, dedicated most of my free time between the parent post and this one to playing doom 3 and getting laid. I know what you're thinking... WHAT A GROSS MISAPPLICATION OF ACNE-FIGHTING RESOURCES. But eh, you only live once. Anyways, my skin is steadily improving. I no longer use the neutrogena on-the-spot medication at night, and instead just use BP Gel with no moisturizer. No serious break-outs at all since the parent post. I'm very, very pleased with the results the regimen has given me. There are still a few scars, one in particular on the side of my nose actually seems to be getting more noticable, probably because the skin surrounding it is steadily getting clearer. I'm still using the same moisturizer, the philosophy being something like... if it ain't broke don't fix it and if you're broke then don't buy it. Something like that =). I'd really like to hear any suggestions you guys have for getting rid of blackheads. I've got a lot of them on my nose and the little patches of skin that go from the side of my nose to my cheekbones, the pores there look like you could park a Toyota in them. IT MAKE OGG MAD!!111 =D So, please, if you've got any suggestions for getting rid of them please let me know! Thanks in advance!

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