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What are these tiny particles?


I've been using Dan's Regimen for about 1 week now. My acne has improved, but I started to see these tiny white bumps all over my face. Whiteheads are the ones with red base and "white blood cell corpse" up top, right? These don't look like them. I didnt' have any of these tiny bumps till I got on the regimen.

Could someone identify them for me and suggest a possible remedy?

Thanks much.

Best Wishes,

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I have been having the same problem after using the regime. I am currently using C&C Blackhead Scrub (2% SA) to try and exfoliate them away, but its been more than a month and nothing has changed. I would like to hear what others have to say.



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i know exactly what u guys have...i had them too and i was like wtf are these....they are actually blackheads that are waiting to come out...they take a long time to come out, but when they do, they will be gone forever...dont worry just trust me i had the exact same thing and its still here, but going away slowly...sooner or later ull start to see a few of them turn red and then hurt a bit...they are hard to get out but DO NOT pop them or they will come back 2x as strong

hope this helps


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yeah, i had/have those.

one of them finally turned a bit hard and crusty and fell off the other day. hopefully the rest will do the same.

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