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Beware Glycolic Acid Burn People

Hi all.

I just wanted to tell people to be careful when using glycolic acid.

Maybe there should be a section on warnings for different treatments on this board?

I have spot-treated with TCA which neutralizes itself and have had no problem.

I have also used a light lactic acid peel. That went fine.

When I used the 30% glycolic acid on my face, it just irritated it, itched a whole lot and didn't do much.

Then I tried it on my upper back which is thicker, tougher (about a square inch) where I had been breaking out and had acne scars. I had used Retin-a 7 days before and so maybe the skin was still thinned. Well, the glycolic acid started stinging after I went over a minute over the alotted time --3 minutes-- and when I rinsed, it was a large red welt. Over the next few days it peeled like a sunburn with a brown burned crust in the middle. I used shea and cocoa butter as well as aloe vera for the following week and now I have two brown marks there.

This happened a month ago. I am warning people not to make the same mistake as I did--don't go too strong withou spot-testing a lower concentration first and make sure you use it on healthy skin.

Since then I have been using hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil on the burn spot.

Be careful guys!

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Thank you for the warning. I don't think any strong peels are supposed to be used on the back.

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Strong peels are never to be used on the arms, legs back etc. without a very small test area done first ! also Glycolics always need to neutralized !! We do buffered Glycolic and combo peels on the face immediately after microdermabrasion, but it is only left on for 1 minutes, then neutralized, then treated with soothing amino acids and vitamins applied with a medical grade oxygen spray.

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Sorry you got burnt sad.gif

I always warn people about retin-a and any acid, even lactic, since I felt myself burning when I applied it, and luckily had the sense to take the LA off. It still burnt me, but not permanently, and it is fine now.

People be careful! Do not go over the alotted time and really research peels. Do a search on this board and you will come up with tons of research material. I would actually advise people to have them professionally done, but I realize people want to save money and I understand that. wink.gif

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