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my first scar

its all coming together... back 2 years ago i wondered what acne was and what the point of makeup for anybody is... well found that out. then i wondered why people with acne just didn't wash there face more ewat better or something found out the reason for that. then was wondering what open pores were, and other types of acne like blackheads were. found all that out. then i was wondered how scars formed and strange how i never got any, even from bad cysts. well now i know sad.gif

i had a deep deep cyst near tip of the nose never fully came out. i was kinda picking at the spot where it was and a clunk of skin fell out and left this hole (perfect size for a C&C BCS bead) now i got 2 more and have no idea why. ice pick scars, right?

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Knowing is half the battle.

Here's an important lesson: Never pick or pop a pimple, they will create scars. And acne scars are amazingly hard to get rid of. You should also start on the acne regimen right away. 2.5% bp +moisturizer works better than almost anything else available for acne. Oldguy knows best...or something.

Oh, and welcome to puberty! May god have mercy on your soul. (virtual gesticulation)

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