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"Crystacide 1%" -- gentle alternative to BP?

i just found a new product that was shown to be more tolerable than bp, and just as effective. its called Crystacide... "A new formulation of hydrogen peroxide stabilised (HPS) in monoglycerides cream (Crystacide 1%)".

here is a comparison study of BP vs Crystacide:


here is a study comparing combination therapy of BP+differin vs Crystacide+differin:


unfortunately, both studies use a 4% BP, so its hard to say whether 2.5% BP would have the same tolerability profile.

at the bottom of that first study, you can click a link to the full research article... it explains that "BP rapidly decomposes into benzoic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The antibacterial activity of BP is mainly due to the powerful oxidising activity of hydrogen peroxide. Benzoic acid can cause skin irritation, dryness and mild erythema." -- that explains why Crystacide works as well as BP but is more tolerable.

so far, the cheapest Crystacide i've found is 10g for $15 (really not cheap at all).


so what do you think???

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yeah, it does look promising.

unfortunately, though, im a bit thrown off by the price and some of the inactive ingredients.

i found an ingredient list and some more info here:


"Crystacide cream also contains the following inactive ingredients: Glyceryl monolaurate, glyceryl monomyristate, polyoxyethylene (100) stearate, propylene glycol, anhydrous citric acid, sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, sodium oxalate, salicylic acid, disodium edetate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium stannate and purified water."

i dont know what SA is doing in there... maybe its to control pH/stabilize the hydrogen peroxide, or could be for tissue debridement.

this stuff is intended to heal an injury, not to be applied to the face for prolonged periods of time. then again, its not good to apply bp for a long time either. hopefully, the makers of this product will do some more studies, and design a new produtct specifically for acne.

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