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My first dose of medicine

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Hi all!

I've never used prescribed meds. But I finally went to the derm. I used over the counter SA, BHA, AHA, and of course BP. Not all at the same time but I've tried them at one time or another.

Anyway the derm said I should wash with 3.5% BP (NEUTROGENA 2x a day) and use Retin-A at night and sodium sulfacetamide 10%/Sulfur 5% in the morning and they also put me on an antibiotic (doxycyline 2x a day).

I've had pimples since I was prob 11 or 12 yrs old I'm 25 years old now. My pimples have gone from tolerable to painful cysts. Which is why I went to the doc. I have some hyperpigmentation as well.

I guess I wanted to see if anyone else has used this combination and how it worked for you. OR if you have any success stories using these drugs. I'm scared of the IB and the horror stories I've read on this site. SO I guess I'm looking for some reassurance that it will be okay. I won't look like a monster or at least I hope not.

Also ladies if you've used these meds what make up did you wear if you wore any at all.


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I haven't used all those meds in combination. I was on doxycycline and differin and then yasmin and differin. The doxycycline worked for me. :) I've heard good things about retinoids from some people. The cool thing is they rejuvenate your skin too so you end up looking younger when you're older and after a few months, I've heard makeup goes on smoother too. If you do have an initial breakout from the retin a, the doxycycline may help it and when it's over, I've heard the results can be awesome. I think I read some log the other day about a woman who had a flare after going off birth control and she used sodium sulfacetamide with some success. I know what you mean about the horror stories on this site, it makes me scared to try anything! :ninja: I wish I could help more with the makeup, but I just use mary kay concealer, it covers alright, but sometimes my attempts at using concealer by itself looks kind of splotchy, I'm not the best at makeup. I hope your derm recommended a good moisturizer, that will help with the dryness from the medications. My derm recommended purpose moisturizer.

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I'm doing a pretty similar regimen. I'm on Klaron (sodium sulfacetamide lotion) in the mornings and Atralin (which is just a different form of the same active ingredient in Retin A) at night. I've been terrified by some of the stuff I read here as well.

I've been using the Klaron for over a month now and it has REALLY helped me! Its good stuff! But it hasn't been enough on its own so I'm adding in the Atralin. I'm hoping the Klaron helps control my IB, it definitely seemed to help my skin a lot when I started it. Actually, even with just the Klaron, the other day my neighbor said to me "your skin is looking amazing! You got your glow back!" I have extremely sensitive skin by the way, and I had absolutely no initial reaction to the Klaron.

I started the Atralin last night. Since I have such sensitive skin I was expecting to wake up with painful peeling skin today based on what I read here, but that didn't happen. Actually my skin feels really good today. I'm still scared about the potential for an IB but I'm trusting in the power of the Klaron to keep it manageable. We're in this together, let's get clear skin! :dance:

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Well so far I'm still taking the antibiotic and doing the topicals. I haven't gotten any peeling from the retin-a BUT I'm breaking out. Not badly I have more white heads coming up and a cyst. I was reading that using BP and a retin-a is a no no. Since BP destroys the funtion of Retin-a so I think I'll wash my face in the morning with BP and use a regular cleanser at night with the retin-a. OR just use the BP and wait longer to put on the Retin-a. Also I'm just using a pea size of both topicals.

I'm also not the best at the make up either. It doesn't look very good because I get oily. Mineral make up looks oily and cakey, I just tried water based foundation and it just doesn't have the coverage I'm looking for. SOOO I'll keep trying. We'll see.

I'm hoping things won't get TOOO bad before I starting seeing smoother skin. About the moisturizer my derm just said to use something with SPF 30 + since I'm going to be sensitive to the sun. Nothing more... :-/

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By the way keep me posted on what's happening with you two. I haven't had any painful peeling or redness with this and it's been a few days so far so good. I have LOTS of closed comedones/pores that are raised up but not inflamed which is why she gave me the Retin-a I suppose.

The pimples that come up the white head comes up faster and they heal faster too..I know don't pop but I can't help it. Plus I use an antiseptic and antibiotic/neosporin on it when I do which helps with the scaring and healing.

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Sounds like our skin is pretty similar. I was getting tons of inflammatory acne before I started the Klaron. I still get some, especially on my chin/around my mouth, but not nearly as bad as it was. But I have lottsss of the same kind of raised non-inflamed bumps you're describing around my chin and cheeks and my dermatologist also said that is what the tretinoin is for.

I'm breaking out today too. But I don't think its the medicine... I got some very bad news yesterday. It made me really sad so my friends drug me out drinking which I've noticed my skin hates... I was up way too late, drank way too much, and just feel even more depressed now. I've decided I'm quitting alcohol too as part of my regimen.

But yeah let's keep checking in with each other... its nice to have a support system. I just moved to a new city and don't know many people plus I just broke up with my boyfriend too, so I feel like I'm going through this whole acne thing alone. That's a lot of why I made a log here... and because I hope believe (positive thinking!) I will have really good results and my log will be able to give people hope later, because I know the feelings of helplessness I've had over my skin lately and there are so many negative reviews on here, I hope believe my log will serve as positive proof in a few months time for other people.

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Yeah I notice drinking alcohol doesn't help my skin either. But it makes sense, alcohol dehydrates the body. So it might make the body produce more oil to compensate which would lead to more acne (that's my own take on it).

I also bought the revlon black head removal tool. Gonna use it after I exfoliate and shower at night see if I can get some of the black heads to come out. I was at work today and I accidentally scratch my chin a little ( you know when you're thinking and you touch your face) well anyway a tiny little black head came out. I didn't even scratch hard or on purpose for that matter. I'm thinking the retin-a and sulfur are really opening my pores and so it might be easier to extract the non inflamed acne.

On another note. Please don't feel alone in all of this. I feel and know exactly how you are feeling. For me I feel less attractive. Which doesn't help because my bf will run his hands (or tries to) over my face and I really don't want him to. For one because I think he's going to add more bacteria to my face and two because I don't want him to feel all that acne and three because the acne hurts so badly some days.

I'm sorry to hear you are going through a rough time in life. Please feel free to pm me or contact a counselor. It's important to look good on the outside but you need to be healthy on the inside which is MUCH more important. There are many resources out there and even if it's a small issue you should reach out to someone ;)

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Thanks for the support. Its comforting to know others know how I feel. I definitely feel less attractive. My birthday is Sunday and I don't even want to make plans because I don't want to see anyone, my breakout yesterday was really bad. I have been refusing to wear makeup except for special occasions too... its been tough, I feel so exposed, but makeup definitely makes my acne worse. Oh well, in ~12 weeks this will be behind us and we will be stronger people for what we went through :)

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I want to go without the make up but honestly I'm around people all day with customer service job so I don't think I can lol. I want to look and feel my best. The other day I saw a friend and her complexion looked amazing! I asked her what was up and she said she uses true match by l'oreal. I used mineral make up and I've never used liquid but I decided to switch. I like this one. It does have shimmer in it, but it looks natural. I use it with the matching powder to control the oil and I've been getting some compliments on my skin! Plus with the retin-a and everything else the make up looks better.

I hope to just use blush and maybe some oil control in the future and nothing else. We'll see :-)

And NOTHING should stop you from having an AMAZING birthday. Don't let your skin get the best of you especially on such an important day! Go out celebrate you are alive, healthy!

Quote: I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet. ~Ancient Persian Saying

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Thanks! That quote is very true. Perspective is important. I recently volunteered for a program delivering meals to seniors who are too ill to shop and cook for themselves... seeing them barely able to answer the door, with pill bottles all over their house and totally reliant on strangers for food made me realize how lucky I am and how I'm fortunate that acne is my biggest health problem.

As far as makeup... I think my skin just hates it unfortunately :( I've used mineral makeup, and most recently I've been using the Make Up Forever Mat Duo powder which doesn't seem to break me out too bad compared to most and has coverage similar to MAC Studio Fix. I'm wayyy too lazy for liquid! I've heard good things about Korres mineral makeup for people with acne prone skin and I like their other products, so that might be the next stop on the trial train for me. I work in entertainment and its hard going without makeup, but I've decided screw it, makeup makes my skin worse, and I've been hired to do a job there, not look pretty.

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Okay so I'm dry. Lots of dry spots. Lots of flakiness. I don't know if it's the Retin-a or if it's the neutrogena face wash I switched to or the BP wash I was told to use.

I wash my make up off at night with the neutrogena then do the BP. In the morning with the neutrogena. Even the skin around my eyes are irritated, so maybe it's not the BP since I don't use that on my eye area. OR the retin-a since i don't use that on my eyes either.

I think I'm going to stick to dan's face wash I was fine before with that but I thought the neutrogena would be better at getting rid of the make up.

Other than that I only have one blotch on my face that looks dark maybe a little pitted which I hope goes away!

Without make up lots of random red spots, you can now see more of my clogged pores. BUT the cysts are gone.

With make up (loreal true match liquid and powder) I'm getting compliments on how much better my face looks, from my coworkers :-)

Anyone have any advice on what moisturizer to use right now?

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