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i know i dont usually do this..

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but life is kickin my ass hardcore man

i just got two traffic tickets this week and im in deep shit, no money no help from parents. im tryin so fuckin hard to stay happy man, this is like the worst week of my life.

wednesday i was driving these two girls home with my friend and i flipped off a cop cuz i didnt know it was a cop tailgating me. im a stupid idiot and i know it. he gave me just a provisional license violation.

then last nite iwas coming home from a party at my college, cuz there are people already there, and someone in front of me was speeding and the cop pulled me over instead. i wasnt even speeding but i got a ticket for goin 82.

i just dont know what to do. acne is gone and im thru with it, but that wouldnt matter right now cuz i have bigger things to worry about. it just seems like my parents dont love me at all, they dont wana help and im just so lost..

im only writing this cuz it feels better...but i duno, im so close to breaking down i see like no way out of this shit....god damnit. i hate you life, why cant you be just alittle more considerate..

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Step back and take a deep breath. In the long run two tickets won't amount to a hill of beans in your life unless you let it.

As for dealing with your tickets, here are some sites on

how to beat a speeding ticket. Can't attest for their effectiveness, but it's a start.

As far as flipping off a cop...is that considered a moving violation?? Maybe you can convince a judge that it means something else to the younger generation these days. Something like, "you my #1 boy!". It's just a thought biggrin.gif Good luck.

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dude go to court, whats the chances of the cop going to the court to argue over it? slim to none and guess what? if the cop doesnt show? you get away scotch free.

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yo...try to fight those tickets in court...cause 1/2 the time the cop wont show up and that emans your ticket is dropped...its worth the time...and if you can get it so the court date is on the cops day off, i bet he doesnt show....pimp the system haha

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