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for awhile now ive been trying to keep my head up, ignore my acne when im out, say YES to doing things even if i have acne (and i have plans for the next several weekends including a trip to vegas). but ugh ....finals came for school, theres been a LOT of drama in my fam, and several other little things, and i feel like im breaking out bad, and have a few on my neck too (UGH, i never used to get em on my neck). its so blah. i am going to do some cool stuff this weekend with the guy i am dating and his dad n dads gf, but i feel so ewww right now. kinda depressed. tryin so hard to relax and say its gona be ok. just needed to vent a little.

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Valerie! Long time no see! :D

Vegas sounds awesome! Know what it's like though when the bigger the plans, the worse you happen to feel. That "ewww" feeling always comes along at the wrong time - never when we just happen to be chilling out by ourselves, but always when we want to get out there. :rolleyes:

But if you're keeping your head up and doing your best to ignore any skin problems, that's the right way to go about it so just carry on. :clap:

Besides, if you have loads of cool stuff planned, you'll be too busy having fun to worry about it! :dance:

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valerie i know exactly how you're feeling. last few months ive had some great plans, and have pushed myself out for them, unfortunately the state of my skin definitely effected how much fun i couldve had. i do have to say tho, i was happy i did push myself...bc i did have fun, and sometimes wld forget the condition of my skin...right now my skin is actually pretty good...no outbreaks, but dealing with bad hyperpigmentation on my left cheek. this weekend my fiance's friends are having a huge picnic in a park, tons of people, and im still on the fence about going...bright sunlight is not the best lighting for me right now..lol..

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I think we all know exactly how you feel. Hell I feel that way right now... just ask yourself what YOU want to do. If you want to stay home and chill, do so. If you want to go out for some excitement, go for it. I myself spent way too much effort trying to be "socially normal" and the stress made for some serious breakoutage.

Good Luuck! Chin up! :)

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thank you everyone for the support=) how is everyone?

i have plans this weekend and have a bad breakout, but i cant cancel, my tickets for what we are going to were already bought adn were mucho $ lol. sigh. and i have an eye issue right now too! it hurts.

but anyway..i just hope all this heals before vegas=/

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