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on the spot treatment

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my regimin right now is a mix between blotchla's and dan....blotchla's attracted me beause you wouldnt have the feeling of bp on your face all day but it was ineffecttive and wasnt clearing me up so i figuered i should mix the two regimins.

heres my regimin:

morning: C&C blackhead clearing scrub (SA) + C&C continuous control acne cleanser (BP) + C&C morning glow moisturizer

night: C&C blackhead clearing scrub (SA) + 5% BP Oxy cream + C&C morning glow moisturizer

does this regimin sound okay? same as blotchlas only applied bp at night for mroe effectvieness...

i just started this yestereday so i still have a few pimples and i was just wondering.....for on the spot treatment with bp cream...how do you do it? like applying bp to a 3mm little mark on your face.....do you just use an extremely small amount? when i try it, it takes forever to rub it in (just rubbing the bp into the small pimple in a small circular motion)....also, since i hear you should never touch your face, im wondering if this will make my acne worse, since you are actually rubbing bp into a pimple, which is sure to cause irritation

thanks for any replies

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yeah im also wondering the same thing.. i start college soon and im not a morning person at all.. so im not sure if i would spend all that time in the morning massaging the bp ony my face n leavin it on all day, cuz i get easily agitated in the mornin heh. I might just try the same thing as u

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