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Dry Undereyes

In the past week or two I've noticed my undereye area become dry and flakey, and I'm not sure I know why...

I try not to use any cleanser on that area, and I'm sure no BP ever finds its way near. I just really want this to go! A few days ago I spent a large amount of £££s on an undereye serum which does do some good, but the problem comes back after each time I cleanse.

I'm only 20 and I'm worried about the effect this is having on the area around my eyes, e.g., fine lines.

Has anyone else found this, and have you got through it? I'm tempted to leave the regimen for a bit, but I feel I'm at a crucial point. I'm only on my 8th week and I really don't want to stop now.

Help! sad.gif


Addition Info:

My Regimen

Cleanser: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Gentle Cleanser (For Dry & Sensitive Skin)

(Note, only switched to that tonight. Prior to that I was using Simple Foaming Facial Cleanser)

15 minute wait - my skin feels dry and tight... if I laugh too much I become very flakey around the mouth.


Dan's BP gel on cheeks, chin and forehead.

15 minute wait - skin less dry - except undereyes. argh!


Moisturiser: Neutrogena Moisture Day Lotion SPF15 / Clarins Men Undereye Serum

Now all is well - mostly. I can smile and laugh and yell... until it comes to wash time. I can't understand how some people don't need to moisturise...

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your cleanser/wash will be no doubt be responsible. Keep the face wash routine to 10 seconds or less. Limit your faces contact with water to the washing times only ie: Don't stand with your face under the shower etc.

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ok, thanks frances. you're very helpful - hurrah. i'm trying to curb my incresing vainity.

^ and is that the cremaster cycle i see?

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Hrmm...You don't put BP in that area under your eye? You don't go in the soon too much with BP on, do you? I'm sure the dryness and flakiness will go away, cause they dryness is what causes the wrinkles.

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