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I wasn't sure where this should be posted.. so if it's in the wrong forum, i'm sorry.

Here is what i'm currently using: Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate (in pill form), a wash called Triaz (benzoyl peroxide 3%), and a cream called Tazorac.

Here is my daily procedure that i'm currently doing.

Use Triaz on face when I first wake up; pat dry.

Take one pill of the Eryth....Ethyl

--Go through my day--

Before dinner take one pill again of the Eryth....Ethyl

Later, take a shower.

Before bed, I use the Tazorac cream.

Am I doing this correctly? Or should I use the Triaz again after my shower but before I use the cream? Thanks for any suggestions!

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hi brisk! it basically all depends on how your skin reacts. if your skin is still oily alot at night, maybe you should use the cleanser again. but if using it 2 times a day dries you too much, u may want to stick to once a day. using the taz at night is great, taz is a great cream.

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Thanks for the info.

I decided to go ahead and do an additional cycle of the Triaz prior to the Tazorac. When I got up this morning, it seemed to help a lot!

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