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Well, things that take my mind off of my troubles are what i plan to do with my life when im older.

1) next year i plan on going to a school out in Arizona that teaches games design and game programing. its something that ive always wanted to do with m life and now that im old enough i plan to do it.

2) this may sound kind of dumb becuase of what i just said about games but, when I finish games design school and get my gaming company up and running( a small one) i really want to go to law school. maybe be a senator or maybe be president

( well if that heppens the world is going to hell in a hand bag), but im black so maybe it would be best is i just stuck with vice president , less chance of getting shot.

3) I've always wanted to vist tokyo or better yet go back packing through eastern asia and japan. I deffinatly have the money for it ( i was burned at a resraunt when i was about ten and got a very nice little settlment so money isn't problem when i turn 18).

4) Also, I sorta want so pimp slap G.W Bush, i dont really have a reason , just seems like it might be fun to be chased out of the white house. ph34r.gif

anyway i strongly recommend that the person that started the post about suicide

list what they find joy in. ( also eat an angus burger from burgerking , those things are mother$%^&** tasty motha#$%%^& !)

bb_icon_eek.gif do it, do it, doit bb_icon_twisted.gif YA DOIN IT YET!?

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