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I've been on a combination of minocycline 100mg 2x a day, differin 0.1 and a 5% BP wash for about 8 weeks now. Before starting this regimen the pimples I got never left red marks. Now after having been on this regimen every pimple has left a red mark. So after doing research i've seen posts on here and the internet about people who had the same problem I have right now. I also heard that once they stopped the minocycline the red marks went away. I have an appointment with my derm in 10 days but I plan on stopping the mino tonight. Should I wean myself off my taking one a day for a week or something? I'd rather stop completely just to get rid of these damn red marks sooner.

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Don't stop using your antibiotic. I'm guessing you're clear but with red marks? thats exactly what happened to me when i was on sulfameth (antibiotic)

In my opinion, those were healing signs. and a couple of weeks /months the red marks soon disapear so you don't have to worry. When my red marks did disappear, i was taking half the dose i usually took, but im pretty sure that the antibiotics aren't causing the red marks. its just part of the healing process. So don't stop using your antibiotic just yet !

Also, when i decreased my antibiotic dose, i also only used my 5% sulfur and 10% sulfatadmide face wash only once a day compared to twice. So if you're using that 5% bp face wash twice a day, then try to decrease it to once a day. Just slightly decrease your dosage, would be my suggestion.

AND LASTLY, after the redmarks went away for me, i was 100% clear(So you're almost there =]) with the continued use of once per day sulfur face wash and half the antibiotic dosage. But as i got cocky with my new skin, i stopped taking the antibiotic (cause i ran out) and applying the facewash, and now my acne is coming back.


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