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I'm praying that someone can help me.

I've always suffered with acne as far as I can remember (I'm 26 now), but it was always mild to moderate with the occasional cyst. I've been on various birth control pills, antibiotics, topical creams etc...

Last October I went on Lymecycline as it was flaring up a bit again and within a month I was getting clearer and clearer, however I was only clear for about a month and while I was still on it it suddenly got worse again! I stopped taking mid February, I started to try and eat healthy but it was making me light headed even though I was trying to eat alot still as I'm underweight (I have a big appetite though). I started the acne.org regimem but was only on it for 3 weeks as the dryness was making me just as paranoid as the acne...and I think my cystic acne got alot worse while on this. I also tried going back on Dianette but was only on it for one month as I was feeling even more suicidal and depressed, and even had blurred vision while I was on it (didn't have any of these last time). At the moment I've stopped all topical creams, I've just started using tea tree castille soap and 100% natural aloe vera liquid with I spray on my face. I'm also now on a paleo-ish type diet. I guess the only things I eat that aren't paleo are sweet potato and hoummous.

Anyway, my real question is ever since this major breakout, my spots are literally taking months to heal. I've had a massive cyst next to my ear which I've probably had 2 1/2 months and it's probably at it's largest at the moment. And in total I've probably got about 12 cysts, they literally won't go away!!! I reckon I only get about one or two new pimpples a day but because my skin has stopped repairing itself it looks horrific. Even normal pustules are taking weeks to heal. I've pretty much stoppped all my social life which I know is probably not that good for you but I can't bare people starring at me. I do have a wonderful boyfriend who has to come see me and we don't leave the house, I feel terrible for it. I still make myself go to work but I hate it.

I know people will probably advise me to go back to my doctors/dermatologists but I really believe in the holistic approach and that all the years of medication, whether it be topical or oral has probably just done more damage than good. I really think I'm going to get some bad scarring from this and I'm terrified. My face never use to scar. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Also, I've had hormone and thyroid checks, apparently they came back normal. Oh and I also tried Kinesciology 2 weeks ago, not sure if I really believe in it but I'm literally at my wits end.

I've also been taking fiber supplements and probiotics for the past 2 weeks.

Other supplements I'm on is Magnesium with B complex, cod liver oil with evening primrose and a natural supplement called nourkrin for hair loss (ever since I came of the pill the previous time my hair got thin and it's got worse with the stress of the acne). I did start taking zinc for a week or so but then I read it can make hair loss worse??

I think that's it. Any suggestions would be welcome!!!! Oh, and I'm trying to exercise 10 minutes every day and also trying to meditate (don't really get it but I just take myself off somewhere and sit quietly for a few minutes to try and relax)

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I went to a Kinesciologist/natrotheripst about 2years ago and she suggested all the supplements i needed to get everything in my body working and my skin was absolutely amazing afterwards not one imperfection for like 18months then things in my life changed and i stop with the supplements and started eating and drinking what i should and extra stress and my skin came up agian really badly at the start of the year so im counting the days to see my what i call "magic lady" next month to get rid of it once and for all.

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All the antibiotics and bp could have given you candida. thats what i had and i went on the candida diet and have not had one cyst. I am back to eating normal and my skin is fine. I also only wash my face with poland spring water, even in the shower i take an over sized plastic mug with poland spring water in it. We had our water tested and the ph and bacteria levels were through the roof that we couldnt even use it for cooking.

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Amy, I can definitely relate to your frustration. The most important thing to realize is your cystic acne is due to an excess of bacteria in the skin. It's not simply a clogged pore, there is a bacterial problem now resulting in the huge cysts filled with pus. Since you're into holistic remedies, I can just recommend all natural 100% Witch Hazel as a toner/disinfectant after washing your face. It will reduce the bacteria in your skin, condition your skin tissues to health, it will also help remove any residue from your castille soap. I experienced a very bad reaction to using essential oils on my face so I'm very weary about leaving any trace of oil on my face. Acne bacteria thrive on oils, so if you have any active acne spots any excess oily residue can potentially just be adding fuel to the fire. Even tea tree oil aggravated my acne more than helping.


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