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Differin 0.1 versus 0.3

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I have recently gone back on to Differin 0.1 after previously giving up on it too soon. I was orginally using it in conjunction with Duac (Duac morning, Differin evening) but gave up after 3 months because of the sore 'scorched' feeling I had permanently and because I was still breaking out.

Having recently realised that I had not given it enough time to work I started using the Differin again. This time I did not use it with the Duac but with a BP wash - and found that there was no irritation at all! I now know for sure that it was the Duac causing the soreness - I tried the Duac once more for one day and the 'scorched' feeling came straight back.

So now I have been using the Differin for a month with no irritation (plenty of nasty IB though). The question now is, should I be using the 0.3 Differin? Just wondering how much more harsh it is, and how much more effective. I would really appreciate it if people could share any experiences with me.

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Hi there!

Personally, Differin 0.1% did nothing for me... it was like putting on water! There was no irritation/purging no matter HOW much i put on... but there was also no improvement acne-wise. D:

Switching to the 0.3% definitely did make a difference-- my skin started to get dry-patches (it still does, and it's almost been a year!) and it started sheding a looottt (so much so that i personally needed to exfoliate lightly everyday). It also stung a bit at the beginning after the switch. Performance-wise, I am about 80% clearer that before, so it's definitely helped! The acne i get now goes away MUCH faster than before.

So I definitely did find it harsher than its 0.1% cream counterpart. It doesn't sting/irritate anymore unless i accidently put of a bit too much. If the 0.1% is working for you, stick with it. Sometimes it's the irritation from a harsh product that can break people out (especially if you have sensitive skin)!

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Thanks Just Me! I am not experiencing any sensitivity at all - my previous sensitivity was caused by the Duac. I am still getting loads of spots - it is still fairly early days with the 0.1 as I have only been using it for five weeks (I have also been taking Tetralysal for 11 weeks). I really need the retinoids to work, otherwise it is Roaccutane for me so I need to know I am using the most effective option. So I think I am prepared to have a go with the 0.3 - I am going to talk to my doctor today. It's good to hear that you found it more effective. How many months did it take before you saw an improvement?

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I have just spoken to my doctor and discovered that Differin 0.3 is not available in the UK. I feel like having a tantrum in the style of a two year old. It's not fair!!!!!

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