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Hi everyone,

ok heres my situation, im 19 y.o male, living in england and i have mild/moderate acne.

i have been on accutane 20mg every 2 days for the past 5 weeks. and heres how its gone so far..

for the first 2 weeks my lips started to get fairly dry but aftre the 2 weeks i got used to it and there were virtually no side effects which was brilliant!:).

week 3 and 4 went amazing!my skin cleared up amazingly with just a couple faint blemish's

but then week 5 came!:( i broke out quite bad on both cheeks and jaw/upper neck.

now its begining of week 6 (5 weeks 2 days) im not sure if this is normal? why did my skin clear and now get worse is that normal? maybe that wasnt accutane related?

anyway im curious, on a 20mg every 2 days dosage how long before i start seeing proper improvements?(i know it depends on the person, im just sayin on average)

would appriciate some responses


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What do you weigh? Do you have body acne? What was your pre-treatment acne severity?

Accutane normally takes months to work. You may get an initial breakout. During your course your skin's condition may fluctuate markedly and frequently, especially early in your course and especially with dose increases.

10 mg/day is a low dose; you may take 4-6 or more months to clear.



Good luck.

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