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Hi, Im a guy in north thailand and I can't get ahold of any makeup.

Things I use/tryed for a concealor...bare with me

baby powder w/ light chapstick over the spots

I have pretty white skin so baby powder works good, except sometimes it only lasts like 20mins-1hour, and if I barley touch it, it comes off very easily

here some other whacky things I tryed

Honey mixed with baby powder gives a light tan effect but is very sensitive and comes off to easily

Vaseline, with other stuff...

I don't know what else to do and I need something by tommorow please HELP!!

here are things that I have.....that might work

bp gel ( also a 5% that covers-ups sometimes ^^)

baby powder




Visine Eye drops (gets the red out about 80% sometimes ^^)


Baby Soft Nivea Lotion (works good as a cover up, but doesn't stay long..)

so I guess im asking if anyone knows any "around the house" cover ups that will stay for a few hours.... anywhere from cininimin to baby power...)

or any tips to make the baby-powder stick longer


thank you girls

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Jonny DON'T even think about it. If you want to cover up, you need to have at least concealer. Don't mix honey with your powder it will irritate your skin.

Thai culture and Asian culture, in general, adore WHITE skin. We try so so so so hard to make our skin white. The whiter the better. Asians love white skin. Don't ask me why...I don't know. Since you are American living in Thailand, your skin is whiter than most people there. DON'T try to tan them, please don't.

Little bit of trick for you

in the morning....you should eat something spicy...just to make you lips turn extremely red. I'm not kidding. Thai girls love white skin with red lips guy. Just apply sunscreen then follow with little bit of baby powder then put chapstick on your lips. She will adore you. tongue.gif (if she is Thai)

But if you are so darn desperately need some color on your skin.....go and ask your housekeeper or your chef to give you some "ka-min". (It's one type of mild yellow spice...use in mad-sa-man curry) Mix little bit of kamin powder with your baby powder and use that over your face. It will temporary tint your face without irritate your skin. Ka-min is an old beauty product we use for centuries.

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Thanx Sparty, I don't want to make my skin darker or tan, and I know they really like the white skin smile.gif ^^

just a small red spot on my upper lip and with my white skin, the spot is so noticable and it changes my whole over view sad.gif and looks terrible

10 thai girls age18 in mini skirts what is a 15yr old american to do!!!

just wondering how to cover that tiny red spot.. with the current stuff I have, and make the coverup stay on for a few hours


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You won't need to. biggrin.gif Pimple is not that big deal in Thailand. If you don't know this by now....just believe me on this one. If you feel that it is a bit so red that it make you self conscious. Just in the morning...use light moisturizer then apply baby powder on your face. Moisturizer will help keep baby powder in place for a bit longer.

But...seriously...don't even worry about it.

good luck Jonny biggrin.gif

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Thanx for the help Sparty

I broke out on the right side of my chin this morning, the sensitive spot.

The moisturizer+baby powder helped but only lasted like 15 mins sad.gif

I chickend out and now im a loser


im gana go cry now

Acne Mai Snoke, poying soy mok sad.gif

thanx though

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bb_lol.gif oh my dear jonny...

Kid (sorry...but you are young enough to be my son)...don't worry about it. If she cares about your acne, she wouldn't want to go out with you from the first place, right. biggrin.gif


DarkDragoon... I don't think it's available in the area he lives at the moment. And he is American...so his skin is much whiter than most Asians. I don't think he can find something that would match his skin color in Asia.



.....ummmm.....you should try to get dermalogica tinted moisturizer spf25 or sunblock for sensitive skin spf 23. They are tinted sunscreen. I think it will help you hide your acne a bit. Maybe you should ask your friend in the US to send some to you.

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Ya I probally care about the acne more then they do, im just overly sensitive. I live in a small town so if I went to a store to buy make-up, the gossip would spread like wild fire.

im going to the U.S soon so ill pick somthing up there.

or Ill just order offline ^^ thx Sparty


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