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On the spot blows.

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I've been using the Proactiv 2.5% BP thus far for the regimen, and recently ran out so I ordered some of Dans BP. Since I ran outta Proactiv before Dan's stuff got here, I had to buy some On the spot. Man this stuff blows as far as aborbtion goes, takes forever for my face not to look ghostly white from it. Proactiv just went right into my skin.

This stuff is also much more drying than Proactiv though, could be a good thing. Im sitting here typing this right after I put it on for the first time, waiting 15 mins for moisturizer, I can already tell I'm gonna need it, face is feeling real dry and tingly, I musta used too much sad.gif

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the thing about dans regimen is using a lot of BP .. proactiv is just a thin layer... i used it as well.. im ordering dans BP gel though and i hear its a lot easier lol

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dan says the problem was i wasnt using ENOUGH BP .. so yeah he does say to use a lot..

Also, if you do a search, the only result is relating to Proactiv's directions. wink.gif
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The proactive regimen instructions call for you only to use a small amount of their BP gel. Dan disagrees with this... at least he said so on the website.

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proactive sucks. ive been on it for i guess a year but now that i have found this website im gonna try this and cancel my proactive crap. i dont recommend it but maybe my skin is just stupid.

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