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Vinegar... good for getting rid of red marks??

I decided to give vinegar a try for getting rid of redmarks and it seems to be working very well. I have seen a noticible difference in the color of the marks on my face.

I have two questions though: 1)Has anyone else seen results from this method and 2) If you have, are the results permanent or just temporary??

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I've been using ACV for over a month now with fabulous results. I only break out on my cheeks, but I mark very easily from pimples. My left side was never bad, and only had about 5 faded (but visible) red marks, and many more smaller faded marks that weren't as visible. Everything is basically gone from that cheek now. Right side had 5-10 noticeable red/purple marks, and many many more smaller faded ones. That cheek is at about the level my left cheek was at before I began using the ACV.

ACV works by exfoliating the skin, so the results should be permanent. However, I noticed that tanning darkens the red marks and hinders the treatment.

I noticed that vinegar also helps treat and prevent new acne.

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I use L'Occitane Vinegar and its very good for healing scars. I have been using it for about 2 months now along with alot of other stuff I use.

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