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Itchy scalp misery!

It's 3:40am here in Australia and I've yet to sleep one wink. For the past 5 hours, as I tossed and turned in bed, my scalp has been driving me absolutely nuts.

I can't handle it. I feel like I am actually about to go insane.

At first I tried to ignore it. Didn't work.

I tried talc powder, to soothe, but that didn't help either.

It got to the point where I lathered moisturiser all over my head, begging for some reprieve.


I even went as far as to take both natural and unnatural sleeping supplements, to make me sleep, so I could completely block out the itching. It did next to nothing.

I'm 8 days into my Oratane treatmeant (20mg, twice a day).

I'm already feeling the effects. Dry, unbearably itchy skin; headaches and now a burning, itchy scalp.

I'm wondering if anyone else had this side effect? And if so, how did they manage it? Does it go away eventually?

It's every 5 minutes, I'd say.

It's like having millions of tiny needles poking into my scalp, each one filled with itching powder.

Please help.


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Also, stop shampooing. Seriously. You should use a technique called Co-Washing, which is washing your hair with conditioner. Just massage it into your scalp like you would shampoo, apply it to the rest of your hair, too, let it sit a few minutes, and rinse. In like a week I imagine you should start feeling some relief.

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I was itching too. For about a couple of days, it drove me nuts - but at least I could sleep. Some days at work I just scratch, and scratch. Right now it is better. Oh, and I'm flaky too. I tried Neutroena T/Sal shampoo, and I think it is helping. I also only wash every 2 days. Good luck on finding some relief.

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Thanks so much guys! :D I've decided to use baby shampoo. It sounds stupid but it really seems to be helping.

The itchy scalp has almost completely gone!

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I did, but my hair comes down to my tailbone and is thicker than wool haha. It's also naturally greasy, so it just made it oily. ):

I'll give it another go though! Thank you! :)

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