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So as my description says, I would only like responses from people who have (or have had) a moderate/bad case of acne, and are still confident/secure in themselves.

My face has pretty much erupted using a new medication from the derm, and now I have to cope with the fact that my acne will be at its worst going into the new school year. I really feel like shit right now, and it is difficult to even look in the mirror because I barely recognize my own reflection anymore. Acne has really done a number on my confidence, and just my everyday routine as a whole (Going out, being social, talking to people, etc.) and I would desparately like to change my way of thinking..

I know that my face will not be clear for at least another couple months, if not longer, so instead of wasting my life I would like to just proceed and try to live as best and as normally as I can.. So for those who are still confident/secure with themselves, how do you do it? Is it a matter of faith or do you just not care what others think?? I need some words of wisdom cuz Im really feeling like life (at least temporarily) is over.

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You're strong Makaveli, I can tell. You'll make it through just fine.

Something I learned: Just get up and go without looking in the mirror once. DON"T LOOK! Avoid it like the plague. When you get out of the shower, be thankful the mirror is fogged.

Once your medication has kicked in, wait a week without looking in the mirror once, then just have a peep from good lighting, about 10 feet away. Without having time to scour your face it will improve immensely.



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ok ill try to respond as best i can, but im no chief of emotions

ok if you look in the gallery at my sig u can see my acne

that was at its BEST wow i wish i could use a time portal

i picked every single thing on my face a few days ago, and i basically tore my face apart, obsessive compulsive

i have brownish scabs all over my face at the moment, and approx 3x per day i break off every single scab, i have about 20 scabs over my face

i am very proud of myself over the past few weeks about my confidence

all of my life ive been introvert, and my bad case of acne didnt do anything to help! social life? i dont see friends outside of school

the first day of school this year, im a junior, i told myself "This is going to be the best year of my life. I just got adderall, which surely changed my life forever. I can now do my work. It is easy. I am great, above average is dissapointing."

I say something similar to this every single morning I wake up. I know you may think its weird, and it is, but i do it. I physically say it out loud to myself, somtimes several times. "Today is going to be a great day, I am so excited."

I also have to push myself out of my "comfort" box very often. Every single time I catch myself wanting to do something, talk to someone, or say something, but stop myself for fear of what people will think or if im wrong, I do it, whatever it was, right then. I pretty much speak anything that flops into my head.

When I get to present a speech or something to the class, I have a ball! I make sure whatever I am speaking about is FUN, interesting to me, and hopefully funny. I have a teen leadership class first period. I talked to a girl yesterday and we were talking about our first impressions of people. After a while we got to eachother. She was a cheerleader, and thats how I saw her! What was her first impression of me? I was outgoing, wild, and liked to have a lot of fun. I was incredibly proud of myself. I got a huge smile on my face, and it probably looked like it was plastered on there because it wouldnt come off. Last wednesday I was at a job interview for a part time typical teen job. It was a group interview, so we did different stuff as a group. I had a lot of fun. Yeah I enjoyed my interview! I didnt know anyone there as they were mostly from the other school in my area. I shook several of their hands and introduced myself right off the start. When the group interview started and the manager asked people to introduce themselves and tell the room one award they have earned, I volunteered to go first. Wow. I said:

"Hi, I am Sean *******. I dont think this is a physical award, nowone gave me a certificate, but many who have known me have acknowledged it. For the past few weeks I have been working on getting my overall self confidence up, and getting over my shyness. I used to be scared of talking in front of a lot of people, or even just a group of people. I worked hard and continue to work hard on getting myself comfortable with these situations. I think I have improved greatly, and am able to overcome this fear."

Everyone in the room was like "your not shy!". They were amazed, and a couple were confused about me being shy. Someone told me "I dont know you, but it seems like everyone else does." Well sure I know you all, I met you 45 minutes ago. After the group interview one of the managers called 3 people out of 21 people outside. I am one of the ones called outside. He told us "we have been accepted, and references where already called. Great, I got the job! I stay to talk to one of the managers about training and a few things. She asked me, "did you really used to be shy?" I said "I still am", she had a kind of puzzeled look on her face. She told me as soon as I entered the room she noticed I had an incredibly bright smile, and got along great with everyone. She thought I already knew everyone too! All these people telling me I am setting such a confident and positive first impression make me incredibly happy. Im a whole new person. I believe in myself.

Ex. at school this first 2 weeks in my chemistry class the girl in front of me seems very nice. She looks good also, and of course has beautiful skin. Every single day I come up with something to talk to her about, and we always have a conversation. She has even begun to start the conversations now, telling me what has gone on that day or just anything.

This is waaaaay out of my box, normally id just sit there and think about what i would say to her. Now everytime I catch myself thinking about what I would say to someone, i go up to them and say it.

I'm sure theres a thousand people here taht would think "what, cant even talk to girls normally? no, i cant. I have to force myself. And when I accomplish it, it makes me happy and boosts my confidence further.

The past 7 days have been the worst acne days of my life. Period.

They have also been some of my best days. Never before have I so successfully understood that I can control my attitude, and I can make the day for myself.

My newfound "courage"

Attitude makes everything.

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Thanks for both of the replies.. I guess that it is not the be all and end all of all things, and since we only have one life to live, we might as well not waste it... I guess just the anxiety of going back to school got to me a little, but as hard as it may be, we have to just enjoy ourselves.. Without struggle there is no progress.

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