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Just me!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay...

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Yet another well-received product that i can't seem to find over here in Canada... :boohoo:

I've tried checking a few health stores around here, but can't seem to find it. Are there any Canadians who managed to find this product somewhere? Please share!

Alternatively, could anyone please recommend a good online store that stocks this? I noticed that a lot of people here recommended Vitacost, but consumer reviews on the company were dismal to say the least! :confused: Did you guys actually order from the place? Is it okay?

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Bump! Any ideas, please?

Hey, www.iherb.com carries this. $5.99 for a tub of 1 lb. their shipping charge to Canada is cheap, $4/order. I have ordered from them before and shipping is fast. check it out.

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i-love-guinness: Hey, that looks very promising, thank you!! Will place an order there. :D

FutureScarless: There isn't one near here (in Québec). Thank you for the recommendation though! Next time I go to Ontario, i'll pick some up. c:

OmegaisJaded: Unfortunately Amazon.com doesn't ship this to Canada and Amazon.ca doesn't carry the product. ):

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That's nuts, amazon.com usually has several different carriers of most popular products.

Sorry about that! Hopefully you can call around to health food markets and supplement stores and find someone who sells it.

If all else fails, all Aztec healing clay has in it is calcium bentonite clay. There's several places online that sell bulk clays, I'm sure.

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