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For those who have used Apple Cider Vinegar....

I just bought some last night.

I mixed a cap full of vinegar and a cap full of water.

I washed my face with my Basis Bar

waited five mintutes

applied vinegar/water mixture with a cotton ball, gently rubbing in circular motions aon all the red marks.

Waited until it was dry and then put on the BP

I skipped the moisturizer.

Is this right?

Should I only do this in the PM or is it more effective if done in AM and PM?

When did you see results? Nothing this morning for me.....

Am I suppose to moisturize afterwards?

Did I put in enough water or too much water?

Thanks Ya'll!

Brooklyn smile.gif

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Its best to do at twice a day, but I would try it once a day for a couple of days just to see how your skin takes to it. You should/can moisturize afterwards. It takes to awhile to see results, but that depends on what sort of results you want.

Vin bothered me so I stopped using it after about a month, but you may have better results who knows

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Thanks Adam~ smile.gif

The vinegar makes me smell like I have been dying easter eggs!! That part sucks. It had a little bit of a burn to it when I first put it on but didn't seem to make my face any more or less dry.

What did it do that you didn't like about it?

Oh I guess my face looked a tad redder(overall) than normal but it is gone now.


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