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The best day in a while for me...

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Elsa* knows all about this... biggrin.gif

OK, I met this girl named Celena a few days ago, and at the time I was with my friend, her, and her friend, at her friend's house. We talked, had fun, laughed...all kinds of stuff. Same thing the next day.

Then, she had to go to her dads until this Sunday. I didn't talk to her at all on Thursday, but today she got online, much to my surprise, since I didn't know she had a computer at her dad's house. So I said hey, and she says... "Hey hey I can't wait until I get home on Sunday yeah yeah" ... and I was like Awesome... and we talked for a while telling eachother how bored we are and how we can't wait to be together next week...that kind of stuff. So, I think I'm on the virge of getting my first girlfriend and it's the best feeling in the world.

She said she might call me tonight, I would call her but I don't know her dad's number and either does she...LOL.

I was feeling out of it the last few days because I didn't talk to her much, etc, etc... but I'm soo freakin happy right now I can't get enough of it.

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dont get hurt man, thats how it always starts with me and then i get fucked over. best bet is not to get too attached and see how things go. just an advice so u dont get fucked over

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Whoa man, glad for you all the way!!! Girls can always make a man's confidence go WAYYYY UP, just dont let her screw you over.....

Naw but for real, the thing about girls, is , you gotta take control of them, they like that, trust me, instead of her calling you, you CALL HER, she'll think of you 10x better, and when you call her, talk in a smooth pimp voice, and act like everything is cool, even tho it isnt, just act like nothing is going on, and start talking about her, compliment her, and continue asking her questions, GIRLS LOVE THIS! Im sure Elsa knows this biggrin.gif Naw, but for real, they love that, just keep complimenting and they'll be all over you after, I guarentee it.

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