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Well, I would just like to start by saying that it is nice to know that there are people out there that know and understand how I feel. Reading some of your posts made me a little teary-eyed, because the way you feel is how I feel. I am 27yo female whose acne has just gotten worse over the years to the point I am now starting to develop cysts. I hate going out and I find that a lot of the time just looking at my face can make me cry. I have tried a lot of topical and antibiotics out there with no improvements. But my main question is how do you find good products? About 75% of the makeup and lotion/moisturizers cause me to break out worse or give me a hives-like rash with a million tiny whiteheads, even if they say "hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, fragrance free, good for sensitive skin" so that I can compare the ingredients. A main ingredient in a large amount of these products was titanium dioxide. But I have also used a few products that made me worse without it, too. I am tired of spending tons of money on all this crap just to see if it will work. So how do I figure out which ingredients are bothering my skin? bb_eusa_wall.gif

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Court27 - oh, I know exactly what you are dealing with. Mine got much worse at 27 but I've found a few things that seemed to help. First off titanium dioxide is a mineral that is crushed or ground to create "color" like you see in foundation. If you REALLY want to know if you are sensitive to it then try mineral make up - it has no fillers, no talc, no dyes, no fragrance - just the colors needed for coverage. I've just discovered these myself and they appear to be radically different than normal make-up. This is where I ordered mine from:


I ordered two of the sample size to check it out. This would tell you if the mineral itself is something that truly plagues you or if you are having a reaction to something else.

Now the following link is to a book about natural progesterone. Read the book first - don't even attempt to try this stuff until you know what you are dealing with. I have loved my experience with this, personally.


I have found that synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance, and mineral oil are definite issues with me. The rest of it, hard to say. It's VERY HARD to figure out what is going on with which product. I do not use toner - it strips my skin causing excess oil and other issues. I have also recently begun using a soap that seems to have cleared up the last bit of acne I've been dealing with - but since it's still new the verdict isn't compeletely official yet. This does have fragrance in it, which I can do without, but it appears to be working okay at this time. Here is a link:


I use baking soda as an exfoliator - it's natural and my skin seems to like it. I use Neutrogena 2.5% bp and I use Beauty without Cruelty's oil-free moisturizer.

Just for the record - I had fairly normal break outs most of the time but around the time I turned 27 it developed into cystic acne that simply would not go away. I have some scarring now (mild in comparison to some) but currently only 3 active pimples that are very small. My skin has cleared up A LOT using some of the above products. Please email me if you have more questions - I'll be happy to tell you what I've done and what helped - just keep in mind what worked for me may not work for you. Best wishes, T

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