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jus wat ive done to my skin!

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hey guys. first post here. look, i for one have been reading here for quite a while and have seen what the majority here have gone though and trust me i have gone through the same. lack of confidence, not leavin the house, but seriously i reckon ive been stupid for doin this shat.

for 1 ill tell you what ive done with my skin. which i might add isnt much at all!

i had mild acne and now im pretty much clear except about 1 or 2 pimples.

but to tell you the truth all i have done with my face is wash it with a normal shower head (without soap or anything, jus plain water), apply some apple cider vinigar mixed with water (a quater of vinigar with 3 quaters with water) 3 three times a day. and then jus change the pillow sheets every so often.

trust me this has help reduce the amount of active pimples being formed.

i believe that even if you dont have much self confidence, when meeting new people, dont be afraid to fake confidence. i read this not long ago and i believe it!

people will look at you alot differently!

hope this helps. well flame me if u want but i really want to help u all hey. so cheers for readin!

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It isn't that easy for some,but I do agree with you.The faking confidence thing does work.Eventually,you're gonna have to go out of your house,so,in that case,fake self confidence,and really,one will feel great.So when people have more confidence,others like you,you feel better,no matter how much acne crap you have on your face...Even if your confidence is fake.

So for whoever is interested,and wants to develop some confidence,fake it,go out and achieve things.It worked fine for me,maybe it will work for you.

You are giving some good advice,don't know why anyone would flame you.I'm not a fan of the "You're weak for posting here" kinda thought,but you didn't mention any of that,and gave good advice.

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I did it. I changed my whole attitude. I wouldnt call it "fake confidence", I would call it something along the lines of "forced confidence". I told myself what to do, to do it right then, and to do it will, and I did. I am now an incredibly confident person.

It works, and I'm happier for it.

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