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I was just thinking the other day...I know that derms ALWAYS insist that what you eat doesn't cause acne, but:

If you can take a pill, such as accutane, that is essentially a Vitamin A bombardment, and it can cause such dramatic results...same with other antibiotics...if you can ingest these things to clear up your skin...then WHY isn't it possible that certain foods you ingest may contain chemicals or agents that can cause your skin to flare up?

For instance, I don't really care what derms say, I KNOW that when my skind was really bad, drinking alcohol DID cause me to break out. Without fail.

What you eat is such an important and integral part of your health.

When derms say there is no connection b/w food and acne, I beleive what they should really say is "there is no connection b/w food and acne that some scientific study has been able to conclusively proove".

which is the case with a lot of phenomenon...just b/c we haven't designed a good enough study...doesn't mean it itsn't happening...

Just an idea, sorry for rambling,


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I used to go to a derm, and he told me food has nothing to do with acne.. But for my case, I'd disagree. When I drink alot of soda, it aggrivates my skin. So, I'd have to say, like I always say.. It depends on the person. That and he told me that NOTHING, and I mean nothing will work like the meds the derm gives you. Now, if you think about that for a minute you realize this... The amount of money the meds cost, most over 100 dollars a perscription, and they get paid for giving you meds. The meds he gave me didnt work at all! So, I stopped going. A few months ago i had my first appt. with the lady doctor, and she put me on ortocyclen, and I HAVE to tell you, my skin is 90% better, and all of the scars and reddness are gone. I have been on it for not even 2 months. I personally think derms can piss off, cause mine sure didnt help me.

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Like I said before, Diet does effect acne..Ive been doing it and its been unbeleievable experience...Ill be posting my experiences with photos soon hopefully...But seriously, it works! Takes a lot of discpline but is worth it ! Ppl start today!

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