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smoove b

Anybody tried FRAXEL DUAL for hyperpigmentation?

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I went to go see a plastic surgeon last week about options for my scarring (both discoloration and also pitted scarring.) The PS mentioned Fraxel Dual which I had never heard of and was not that excited about it as everything I have heard about Fraxel seems meh at best. So I googled it and it sounds like its an excellent laser for discoloration. It looks like it is an additional wavelength(1927nm) that is added to the existing Fraxel restore wavelength. The Dr can choose between the "old" Fraxel laser and the 1927 which is targeted specifically for hyperpigmentation (and I believe red spots as well.)

In my google search I found this lady on a message board which got phenomenal results from one time using the fraxel dual. (scroll down to the bottom to see the before and after.)


Here are some Drs describing the fraxel dual


If you are willing to fork over the dough it seems like a really good way to get rid of hyperpigmentation pretty quickly. That lady got results equivalent to ~6 months of intensive peels in one week of downtime. I know there are already lasers that exist to get rid of hyperpigmentation but this one seems to offer more consistent positive results. Has anybody tried it for discoloration? She offered to do subcision and PRP for the pitted scars and am thinking about doing in the same session afterwards for the hyperpigmentation.

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