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Products that are against conventional wisdom

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone uses any products for their acne that most people consider acne causing. For instance, i have been suffering from acne for over 10 years and have tried hundreds of soaps (including those mentioned on this board). However, i always go back to using cheap 'ol Safegaurd soap. I'm not suggesting others use this product, but for me it seems to be the best soap "I" can find. I was just wondering if anyone out there uses any acne products that most people would consider against conventional wisdom. Thanks.......

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I found success by not using soap at all. Conventional wisdom has been that excess oil causes acne. But I have found that stripping the oil out of your pores does more harm than good.

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Is Safeguard a soap or a detergent? There aren't too many "soaps" left on the mainstream drug store aisle anymore. I've used Ivory for years with the best success - but I don't use any kind of toner or other stripper. Recently I switched to a soap that claims to kill the micro-organism that causes acne - it seems that is working suprisingly well but I can't make any claims at this point - I've only been using it for 3 weeks.

I could never use a toner and most liquid cleansers didn't seem to do me right. Years ago I used Mary Kay cleansing products - they have a liquid cleanser and a bar of "soap" for oily skin- supposedly the two were identical except that one was solid and one was liquid. Something in the liquid one would break me out in little red bumps but the bar did not. I can only presume there is some ingredient in liquified "soap" that my skin does not like.

Over the years, I've used a ton of things that claimed they were good for the skin or wouldn't break me out - and they did or I found out they had an item that definitely breaks me out like Mineral Oil/Petrolatum - which is something that I have discovered in more recent years that I appear to be sensitive too. Fragrance and color are additional aggravators - I try to avoid both whenever possible.

I agree with Long though - if I stripped my skin then it seemed to make it worse. Just simply stick with what seems to work best for you.

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The cleanser you use is just as important as the BP. If Safegaurd works for you, stick with it! I CANNOT use Cetaphil. It contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate and any little bit in any cleanser causes me to breakout. I use toothpaste without SLS as well because it is such a comedogenic ingredient for ME (I stress the me as others may not be as sensitive to it). Dan's regimen is so great, and it's important to find products that work for your skin. After much trial and error I've finally got it for me: Philosophy's Purity Made Simple Cleanser

Alpha Hydrox 10% gel (for oily skin)

Dan's BP gel applied heavily (this is THE best stuff and I've used them all)

Philosophy's The Present as a moisturizer

And if I will be exposed to the sun I use Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Dry-

Touch SPF 45 sunscreen

I do this twice a day, but don't need the moisturizer at night.

Everyone's skin is different so unconventional as it may seem if Safegaurd is a winner for YOU then you are lucky you found it!

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