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Hi everyone :angel:

Have you ever had a dream about something awful happening, and then wake up and realize it was just a bad dream. Well a few days ago i dreamed i had acne and scars on my face. I was so upset in the dream and cried and did not know what to do. Then i woke up thinking this was just a bad dream. But after a few minutes i suddenly realized that i do have acne and scars on my face.

I used to have beautiful skin, until 2 years ago when i developed severe acne after trying birth control, that left my skin scarred, i still have acne, bit its mild, but my skin complexion is very poor.

Anyways when i woke up from the dream i thought i had my beautiful skin and that these 2 years never happened. I got so depressed when i looked in the mirror and saw my skin. For a couple of minutes i was still that girl with nice skin and a normal life, and to suddenly realize im not anymore and how ive struggled for the last 2 years was overwhelming. I just wish i could turn back time. My life is a nightmare and i wish i could wake up and have it not be true.

This was a depressing post :rolleyes:

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I've had two dreams acne related. One this past Friday, I dreamt I had huge bumps all over, my face inflamed, and swollen, it was awful. I woke up shocked and worried. It felt so real, and boy did they hurt.

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In my dreams ( if Im in them ) I have clear skin and then I wake up and get sad. I hate having to go through the rest of the day looking so bad which is why I love sleeping so much because then I don't have to put up with it.

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