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A few questions about PROACTIV

Just saw the informercial on Proactiv, they seem to have done a good job on the ad, almost has me sold!

Anyway there are a few things I wanted to ask about Proactiv system:

- Firstly it seems that the Proactiv system tells you to use a Toner to open up your pores before applying the "Repairing Lotion" (BP Gel), which would seems logical since more of it would get absorbed into the skin rather than waiting 15 minutes in The Regimen after cleansing which would effectively close your pores which means not as much BP is getting aborbed?? Right?

- Also it seems that the Proctiv system is basically the same process as the Regimen with the addition of the Toning step also without moisturizing. Does this "Repairing Lotion" contain moisterizing ingredients with the addition of BP? I'm just thinking it must have otherwise your skin would be really dry.

Dan you seem to have tried a lot of products out there. Have you ever managed to give ProActiv a try and if so did it ever work for you??


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I hated Proactiv after months of using it. The first week or so, results are ok, but afterwards it's all downhill.. not to mention the $$$.

The only thing that has kept me clear is the regimen.

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Proactiv worked magic for the first week and then lost its effect.

And yes, the repairing lotion is bp and moisturizer combined. Nonetheless, the only thing that is working for me at the moment is Botchla's Regimen. Dan's never did it for me.

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The Cleanser was ok... it dried me out though. The toner kind made me look weird, and left this "tacky" feeling on my skin. Don't expect toners to work any magic.

The Lotion: Now that is a nice BP lotion. It's not as thick, so it's easier to spread and absorb, and yes, it feels rather nice going on. However, it's only 60 mL of lotion; that's supposed to last me 2 months?! It actually lasted me barely 1 month. It's not that moisturizing though, especially in the winter. But it's nice. But, you can still get the benefits of BP without the costly price of Proactiv. (And, use products that are beneficial to your face.. not everyone needs a toner)

My advice to you; use Dan's Regimen. It's so much more inexpensive, effective, and allows room to add in products you like, or substitute. You'll be so glad you did.

I hope this helps!

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