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healing a chemical burn from glycolic

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I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right board or not but I just wanted to share my experience with anyone else who may be going through something similar.

My skin was pretty much where I wanted it to be at- except for a spot (litttle bit smaller then a dime) on the middle of my chin. It was dark purple/brownish and has been there for the past month and a half or so (it is the sad leftover mark from a cystic pimple that I picked at). It was very frustrating for me as it stood out so much - I hated it and was using tretinoin + obagi blender (4% hydroquinone) on it but had not been seeing results (i am completely impatient. bad, i know). one night, out of frustration, i grabbed a 17% glycolic serum I had and smothered the spot in it - forgetting that my poor skin had been thinned by the tret. It burned immediately, the skin turned white and I knew that I had chemically burned myself. It looked and felt awful. The next morning I bought silicone gel sheets and cut out a small piece to place over the area for as long as I could during the day, and slept with it at night (I still am, to continue the healing). this helped so, so much!!!!!!! i highly recommend silicone gel sheets. The area scabbed over and began to peel off on its own. I have been continuing to use the gel sheets as often as possible, and keeping it moist with neosporin/vaseline. besides that, i left the area alone.

its 4 days later, and the mark looks...amazing! esp considering what its been through. the dark spot/burn has turned into a light pinkish area that looks dry - i am of course not going to pick at the skin as its still healing. i am by no means telling anyone to get rid of their dark spots this way - BE CAREFUL with glycolic, especially when used with tretinoin! still, if you do have a chemical burn, there is hope. my mark is already looking so much better then it did before all of this! i was so scared that i had scarred myself and made everything worse. i have also purchased mederma as a safety net - hopefully itll help the area heal too but i know it might just be a placebo.

anyway - if you chemically burned yourself, be gentle to your skin and dont pick. keep it moist..and don't think you're doomed!

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