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bumps on neck

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for about 4-5 weeks now

i have had a pretty big bump on my neck, it looks sorta like a mosquito bite but a little bigger im sick of everyone comming upto me and asking what it is.

i carnt take a photo, so its hard to explain what it is

but if anyone knows somthing i could try to make it smaller or even better make it dissapear could they please reply back.

ill try anything, it carnt get any worse.



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See your dermatologist. He/she has methods of preventing scarring and lessening the severity of the lesion. Whatever you do, do not lance it or squeeze it.

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I've been having this problem too, except I'm not entirely convinced that it's acne...I think that I'm developing ingrown hairs, which is a bit creepy because I'm female. So far I haven't found much that really helps, so let me know if you find something that works.

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i've recently gotten that as well, but I know why, its cuase of my shaving, since I shave some of my pimples get pop, and well I guess, even though I rinse it shave the hair on my upper neck and well then I get nice reg large bumps, and they get red after 3-4 days and then after a week or 2 its still reds but no acne seems to be present... kinda weird I guess, but after I shave I then apply my ance soap and then apply my meds on my face.

Also what I have found working like charms on just pimples in general is use those little round bandaids and put some acne med on it and put over acne, for over night. For me not only does it reduce redness it also reduces swelling and it works super great, I do it to me neck when ever I get really large red ones and in the morning its like all the sweeling is gone.

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