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Anyone who's ever used Retin-A or tretinoin? HELP?

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I'm 19 years old. I've had acne since I was about 14? I tried every over the counter product. Nothing helped. My mother was convinced it was "cosmetic" and "would go away" and if she took me to the derm all they would do was put me on the pill *gasp! scandal*. So I wasn't allowed to go.

When I was 17, my little brother went to the derm for something else. And came home with Tazarac (sp?) and benzaclin. He wouldn't use the benzaclin...so I did. And my skin cleared completely. That was spring 2009.

By last summer, they created a generic for Benzaclin. i got it..and something bad happened. It wouldnt clear my skin. i slowly started getting "tiny pimples" on my forehead. Not whiteheads or anything, just tiny, noticeable to me bumps. I went back on the Name brand Benzaclin...and it didnt help either. It was like my skin had become immune. All last fall and this spring, with college, I've gotten lazy about washing AT NIGHT. I still do in the morning. So My forehead is broken out like nobody's business. I feel so ugly.

I made myself a derm appointment, and last week she prescribed Atralin. She to start with "gradual onset".

So far, I've used it 3 times. I notice No improvement at all. And HONESTLY..IM SCARED. For the first time, a guy I've been really interested in invited me to go somewhere next week.

My skin looks bad now, but I'm afraid..Using the Atralin...will it be EVEN MORE broken out next week?!!? The derm said I most likely WOULDN'T have an initial breakout, at all. But I dont know if I believe? HELP!

I should probably just cancel on him now. I dont want my looks to ruin it for me that fast.

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