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I'm going to stop using Dan's BP Gel since my family doctor gave me Differin Gel. Is it smart to stop the BP for a day or two and then start the Differin Gel or should I just go right into the Differin Gel? Does my skin need a small break after the BP? I'm kind of dry from the BP and I hate to throw something totally new on my skin while I'm dry. But then again, I hate to stop and allow myself more breakouts. Any advice would be appreciated. And does Differin work? Is it better than BP? And do I only apply it to my pimples? My doctor said only to the pimples but if I apply it only to the pimples then how does it prevent blemishes in the area's where I applied no Differin. And can I still use BP in the morning and then the Differin at night. Somebody PLEASE respond!!!

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If your face is dry from the BP, give it a day or two to rest before using differin just to be safe.

Differin works by stopping your pores from getting clogged. I'm on it now and it its working ok, I'm not clear but my face looks a fair bit better. A couple of things I have noticed: differin helps both fine lines and red marks on your face. My complexion is vastly smoother since using differin over BP.

You should apply the differin to all the areas on your face that you get zits, not just to the pimples themselves. Differin is preventative, so it wont really do anything for your existing acne, it will only prevent new acne from forming.

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GettingThere- Should I still wash my face in the morning or will this remove the differin gel? If I should still wash my face should I apply about a finger of BP gel since I'm only to use the differin at night?

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